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Tanimura & Antel Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of over 2,000 cases of Field Fresh Wrapped Single Head Romaine Lettuce.  Cases of lettuce involved in the recall were shipped to NJ, NY, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, AL, AR, AZ, CA, GA, KA, KY, MD, NC, NM, NV, and Puerto Rico. Pet owners who feed romaine lettuce to their pets are reminded that recalls such as this can affect animals as well as humans.

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My first Kitsune video taken with the new camera!  Sorry the video is kind of dark - I took it while Kit was getting ready for bed.  I still need to figure out how to use the new camera better.  I haven't figured out all the features yet, but so far I think my pictures/videos are coming out a lot nicer than they did with the old camera!

Why yes - I do have the worlds cutest dog!  I mean how could anyone argue, just look at this guy!

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If you have the time, please hop over and vote for Kitsune in the Gund Top Dog Photo Contest.

If he gets the most votes in his category, "Best Dressed Dog" than on August 17th he'll go to the finals, which is judged by Gund judges.  The winning dog will have a Gund Plushie designed after him or her and the owner will receive 24 copies of the plushie based off their dog!

I've been saying for years that Kitsune would make an adorable plush toy, and now I may have a chance to actually make it happen!

In the rare chance that I do win, I'll be offering my readers a chance to win their very own plush Kitsune!  So please vote for him, & share his page!  Voting started today and goes until August 15th.  You can vote once per day.

Thank you!!


The top picture is an older photo of him, as you can probably tell.  I just wanted to show his latest painting, and a picture that shows how he does it. He uses a combination of his front paws and a bamboo brush that he holds in his mouth to create his masterpieces! 🙂


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