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ppppWe survived the 2016 April Blogging from A to Z Blog Challenge!  I wanted to take this time to thank those of you who stopped by our blog to visit during the challenge.  Whether you read every post or just a few, took the time to comment or not, we appreciate each and every one of our readers! ...continue reading "Reflecting Back On Our April A to Z Blog Challenge"


ppppZCan Dogs Eat Zucchini?

Before becoming a vegetarian, I didn't really eat zucchini.  In my search for awesome vegetarian recipes, I've come across a few that call for zucchini.  Now it's a much more regular part of my diet, especially in the summer time.  I can make a mean grilled zucchini sandwich!  Did you know that zucchini is safe for dogs?  Until I started eating it more myself, I never thought of offering it to my dogs. ...continue reading "Z is for Zucchini"


ppppYI Already Wrote About Kefir And How, In Many Ways, It's Better Than Yogurt...So Why The Yogurt Post?

Besides the fact that I needed a dog safe food that starts with Y, I totally understand why not every dog owner would want to go through the process of making kefir for their dogs.  Most people are much more open to the idea of feeding yogurt verses fermenting milk in their own kitchen.  It may not be the powerhouse of a probiotic that kefir is, but is yogurt still beneficial? ...continue reading "Y is for Yogurt"


XOk So, Maybe I Cheated A Little Again For X...

But there aren't that many foods that start with X, especially not ones that are dog friendly.  Yesterday I ran out of training treats (agaaain) for the boys and had to whip something up quick.  Fenrir, who is 9 months old now, has been having some issues when out on his leash that I want to nip as soon as possible.  Of course I use positive training methods for my pups, and that means lots of treats.  When it comes to Fenrir, it also means the treats have to be super high value.  He's my picky puppy, and won't work for peanuts (or peanut butter, most types of commercial get the picture). ...continue reading "X is for Xtra Amazing Treats"


ppppWSummer Is Coming.  Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Chilled watermelon is one of my favorite summertime snacks.  Of course at our house, you can't eat without an audience.  If I'm eating something healthy, and pet safe, I'll often share a bite or two of my snack with my little buddies.  I had pet rabbits long before I ever got my first dog, and most of my rabbits over the years have loved watermelon.  Sometimes I seriously wonder if Kit thinks he's a bunny.  He begs for fruit and veggies just as enthusiastically as he does meats.    ...continue reading "W is for Watermelon"

ppppVIs Vanilla/Vanilla Extract Safe For Dogs?

It's well known that dogs cannot eat chocolate.  But what about vanilla?  I've mentioned countless times that I like to make my dogs treats at home.  While most of our culinary creations are our own recipes, I do occasionally scour the internet for recipes to try.  I've come across quite a few treat recipes that use vanilla extract as an ingredient.  When making dogs treats at home, it's important to be sure that each and every ingredient you are using is safe.  Is vanilla extract safe for dogs? ...continue reading "V is for Vanilla"


ppppURaw Foods, For Those Of You Not Trying To Make A Themed Blog Post That Starts With U!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of feeding dogs uncooked, or raw, foods?  Raw food diets for dogs seem to be becoming more and more popular.  There are even companies now who sell commercially prepared raw foods for dogs, so you can get the benefits of feeding raw without having to worry about preparing or balancing your dog's food yourself. ...continue reading "U is for Uncooked Foods"

ppppTSome Types Of Tea Are Safe - Even Beneficial For Dogs!

How crazy is it that there's already only 6 posts left of the A to Z Challenge?  It feels bitter sweet that the challenge is almost at its end.  After posting 6+ times a week it's going to be nice to go back to my normal 3.  But I've had a lot of fun working on the challenge posts, and know that my dogs especially have enjoyed it this year! ...continue reading "T is for Tea"


ppppSToday Is Quite Possibly My Boys Favorite Day Of The A to Z Challenge.

What dog doesn't love steak?  I'm a vegetarian, but my fiance is not.  Neither, of course, are my dogs, so despite not eating meat for years now, I still end up preparing it pretty often.  When we went shopping last week steak was on sale.  We decided to get some to make an extra special dinner for the dogs.  Hey, I needed a food for them that starts with S, after all! ...continue reading "S is for Steak"


ppppRToday's Food Might Be a Bit Controversial...

Not everyone agrees on whether dogs should consume grains such as rice.  It's a common filler in commercial dog food, but one that dog owners are increasingly looking to avoid.  With raw and grain free diets becoming more popular, rice is becoming less so.  Yet those of us with dogs who have sensitive stomachs, like my Kitsune, know that plain rice, possibly mixed with meat, can make a palatable but bland meal that can help our dogs get over GI upset. ...continue reading "R is for Rice"


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