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I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  Today's post is going to be short and sweet.  Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by to wish us a happy "blogiversary" and to suggest names for the "blog Betta"!  Over the weekend my fiance and I had a chance to look over all the name submissions for our male black dragon Betta.  We ended up each selecting our top 3 names out of all the names that were suggested - now, to finally select our Betta's name, we need you all to vote! ...continue reading "Vote to Name Our Blog Betta"

Here we are, almost at the end of another month!  I hope that everyone celebrating Halloween tomorrow has a fun day.

My budget around this time of the year always gets a bit wacky.  I only get paid by my job once a month, which means I have just two paychecks left before Christmas!  Not only that, but my fiances birthday is in November and Kit's birthday is the day after Christmas.  On top of budgeting for the holidays, we had some unexpected expenses the other week when a pipe in our bathroom broke and flooded our apartment.  Even with unexpected expenses and setting aside some money for the holidays, you know The Paw Pack still gets spoiled! ...continue reading "October 2017 Pet Favorites"


Tomorrow, October 28th, marks the 7 year anniversary of the day Paw Print Pet Blog was created!  How crazy is that?  Our first post ever, way back in 2010, was about betta fish.  The red/blue/white betta fish pictured in that post was named Courage.  I got Courage (the cowardly betta) while I was still in college.  When I graduated from college and moved 4 hours away to live with my then boyfriend, Courage came with me.  He survived the move despite being quite old by then and enjoyed living with us in our new apartment until 2010, when he peacefully passed away.  Courage was not my first betta fish but he was my last...until now! ...continue reading "Celebrating Our 7th Blogiversary – Name the Blog Betta!"


When we moved into our current apartment, over 7 years ago, I made the ~5 hour trek to our new home with a host of pets, including a fully stocked aquarium.  Over the years we slowly lost our aquarium's inhabitants until I was finally able to take the tank down and put it into storage.  I miss having an aquarium.  I've been tempted more than once to get my old tank out of storage, but so far my more responsible side has won out.  Someday I'm sure I'll set it up again, but not until we own our own home.  Moving with aquatic pets isn't something I'm keen on doing again anytime soon.  Fish are often seen as cheap, low maintenance, even disposable pets but those of us who have shared our lives with them know they are quite the opposite. ...continue reading "Goldfish are Best Left to Experienced Fish Keepers"

401721_3989518977970_1981357991_n African clawed frogs (Scientific name Xenopus Laevis) are, as their name suggests, a species of frogs native to Africa.  These frogs got their common name from the three short claws that are present on their hind feet.  African clawed frogs are fully aquatic, living out their entire lives under water.  Popular laboratory animals (in the 1030's they were even used as rudimentary pregnancy tests!), African Clawed frogs can also make good pets. ...continue reading "African Clawed Frog Care Sheet"


Yvaine, one of my two African Clawed Frog sisters, passed away this afternoon around 3pm from a bacterial infection that progressed very quickly. She seemed normal when I checked on her and her sister last night, but looked a bit off (but still not horrible) this morning. I moved her into a quarantine/hospital tank as soon as I noticed something was off, and she pretty much went from just acting slightly off this morning to dying this afternoon. It all happened very quickly. ...continue reading "Rest in Peace Yvaine"



Most people, at one time or another, have walked into a pet store to be greeted by a shelf full of colorful fish in tiny plastic cups. Betta splendens, more commonly known as Bettas or Siamese Fighting Fish, are a common sight in pet stores across the country. Unsuspecting buyers are often attracted by the fish's bright colors, and affordable prices. But just like any other pet, it's important to do your research and learn the care needs of these beautiful fish before you bring one home. Bettas are probably the most recognized fish in the pet hobby, but are also the most commonly misunderstood.

...continue reading "The Basics of Caring for Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens)"


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