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I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  Today's post is going to be short and sweet.  Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by to wish us a happy "blogiversary" and to suggest names for the "blog Betta"!  Over the weekend my fiance and I had a chance to look over all the name submissions for our male black dragon Betta.  We ended up each selecting our top 3 names out of all the names that were suggested - now, to finally select our Betta's name, we need you all to vote! ...continue reading "Vote to Name Our Blog Betta"


Tomorrow, October 28th, marks the 7 year anniversary of the day Paw Print Pet Blog was created!  How crazy is that?  Our first post ever, way back in 2010, was about betta fish.  The red/blue/white betta fish pictured in that post was named Courage.  I got Courage (the cowardly betta) while I was still in college.  When I graduated from college and moved 4 hours away to live with my then boyfriend, Courage came with me.  He survived the move despite being quite old by then and enjoyed living with us in our new apartment until 2010, when he peacefully passed away.  Courage was not my first betta fish but he was my last...until now! ...continue reading "Celebrating Our 7th Blogiversary – Name the Blog Betta!"


ppppIt's hard to believe, but on August 1st, exactly a week from today, we'll be celebrating Fen's 1st birthday!  As anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows, each one presents his/her own unique challenges.  When we added Fen to our family we began our journey of, for the first time, being a two dog household.  I'd be lying if I said it's been easy 100% of the time.  Despite that, the past (almost) year we've spent watching Fen grow has been an amazing experience.  I'm excited to be getting ready to celebrate his 1st birthday with him, and hope that this is just the first of many, many, many birthdays! ...continue reading "Fen’s 1st Birthday Giveaway"


ppppHey everyone!  Happy Monday.  I hope everyone's week is off to a good start.  My day today has been a bit hectic - I feel like I haven't gotten much done other than walking dogs and wrangling puppies.  Anywho - I recently learned of a pet supplement company, NuVet Labs, that I wanted to tell you all about.  Make sure to read this post till the end.  I have an awesome giveaway for those of you interested in trying out NuVet products for yourself! ...continue reading "NuVet Labs Vitamin Review & Giveaway"


66Happy Monday everyone!  I'm so sorry I only got one post out last week.  I normally like to post more often, but last week was a bit hectic for me.  I won't get into it here since it wasn't pet related at all (all my critters are doing well!) but suffice to say that life got in the way of blogging for a majority of the week last week.  To make it up to you all, today I'm announcing a giveaway! ...continue reading "August Dog Treat/Toy Giveaway!"



gggggHappy Friday!  I hope that everyone has been having an amazing week.  The weather here has gotten much warmer, so Kitsune and I have been spending a lot of time outside.  Anyone who walks their dog a lot, like I do, knows that picking the right harness is important!  Selecting the perfect harness isn't always an easy task - they are not necessarily a "one type fits all" type of product.  Factors such as your dogs size, fur type, walking style, personal preferences, and more can all be factors that will impact what type of harness works best for you and your pooch.  I recently got to talk harnesses with the awesome people over at Golly Gear.  They sell products made especially for small dogs, including a huge selection of harnesses, and did an amazing job helping me select a new harness for my furry best friend.  Read on to hear more about my experience, and enter to win a $25 gift certificate to Golly Gear! ...continue reading "Golly Gear Small Dog Supply Store Review & Giveaway"


11Hello hello!  As you can probably tell from the title of this post, this is going to be another pet subscription box review!  These reviews have gotten pretty popular on Paw Print!  If you are thinking of signing up for a pet subscription service, you can always take a look at our list of subscription boxes for pets to get an idea of what companies are out there.  We always make sure to link to any posts when we've written reviews for any of the companies listed, that way you can see some examples of what the boxes include!

Recently Kitsune received a box to review from the awesome people over at Pet Gift Box!  Just look at how excited he was when his box got here... ...continue reading "Pet Gift Box Review & Giveaway!"


sssssssssssHappy Halloween everyone!

This is going to be a pretty short post - I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween, and to announce the winners of our Halloween dog treat giveaway!

The winners should be displayed on the Rafflecopter on the giveaway page.  I'll also post the app again at the bottom of this post for those of you who don't want to jump over to the other post. ...continue reading "Happy Halloween!!"



Happy Monday everyone!  I have a really awesome giveaway this week, especially for those of you who have the pleasure of being owned by a cat.  I mentioned last week that while I do love cats, it's been a long time since I've owned one personally.  I know a lot of the giveaways and reviews I've done have been geared towards dogs, not because I'm biased but because I actually own a dog.

I know many of you probably first discovered my blog through my list of pet subscription boxes post.  I've reviewed quite a few of the subscription boxes for dogs but know that many of you are interested in a box created for cats.  Not having a cat myself, I'm not really qualified to review cat subscription boxes.  However, the awesome people at KitNipBox have agreed to host a giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive November's KitNipBox. ...continue reading "KitNipBox Giveaway!"


kThe Paw Print Pack hopes that everyone is having an awesome October so far!

Some of you may remember back in August when we ran our Treat Your Dog Right Giveaway.  To celebrate Halloween this year, we decided to run another, very similar, giveaway in October!  5 lucky winners will receive a sample pack containing 4 different types of Merrick dog treats, as well as an autographed /pawtographed copy of our dog treat recipe book, Cooking with Canines! ...continue reading "Trick or … Halloween Dog Treat Giveaway!"


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