Happy 2016!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe new year's eve, and that your 2017 is off to an awesome start.  The pack and I had a rather mellow new year's eve this year.  The dogs' dad and I stayed home and spent a majority of our night snuggled up with the dogs on the couch.  We made it past midnight without falling asleep, at least, although I can't say the same for Kit and Fen. ...continue reading "2016: Our Year in Review"


My fiance and I celebrate Yule rather than the more common Christmas.  I don't want to give you all a history lesson here, but many of the traditions commonly associated with Christmas actually have their roots in ancient Nordic Yule celebrations.  To most people, our Yuletide celebrations probably don't seem all that different then your average Christmas.  I think one of the biggest differences is that instead of just being one day, Yule each year starts on the first day of winter and lasts 12 days - until the new year! ...continue reading "Happy Yule!"


ppppIt's been a bit of a rough week so far.  Last weekend, as I'm sure you all know, daylight savings time ended which means we got to turn the clocks back an hour.  For most people, that means getting to sleep an extra hour but for me, and I'm sure lots of other puppy owners, it means getting woken up an hour early all week.  Pups just don't seem to understand the concept of daylight savings time! ...continue reading "Thankful for Puppies"


ppppA lot of people have been asking me whether Kit and Fen get along and if they do, why I don't have many pictures of them together.  They do get along!  Over the past year Kit has been very patient dealing with puppy Fen.  I know puppies are not always easy to live with, even for other dogs.  There have been times when I'm sure Fen has gotten on Kit's nerves, but as Fen has grown and become better behaved the boys relationship has really flourished. ...continue reading "Kit and Fen Together"