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How do you properly say goodbye to a friend, a family member, who's been your companion for over a decade?  How do you fit over 10 years of life, love, and memories into a single memorial?  These are questions I've been struggling with since Barnaby passed away last month. ...continue reading "Barnaby’s Memorial Video"


Each time we bring a new pet into our lives, we're signing an invisible contract.  We agree to care for our new charges, to take them into our homes and make them a part of our families, to always do what's best for them even when what's best isn't cheap, or convenient, or easy.  The benefits we receive in return for our doting care are too vast to be put into words.  I've yet to read a definition of the word 'love' that I've felt did the feeling any justice. ...continue reading "Honoring Barnaby"

I don't know how many people who don't know me in person will remember BerryMelon (aka Berry).   She passed away on June 15th, 2012, so just over 5 years ago now.  I adopted her as an adult back in 2009, around a year before I started this site.

For those who never knew her while she was alive, Berry was an amazing broken black and white Holland lop rabbit.  She was around 4 lbs, and was incredibly sweet.  Berry was the firsts female rabbit I ever owned. ...continue reading "Remembering BerryMelon"



I choose to surround myself with life - my amazing pets - knowing full well that unfortunately, dealing with death is the ultimate consequence of loving creatures whose lifespans are so much shorter than our own.  Poppet lived most of her life in a tiny glass aquarium.  She was found without food, without water, with slightly deformed back legs from years of neglect, skinny, and sick.  She was brought to a shelter full of loud cats and dogs, labeled as aggressive and slated for euthanasia.  Our poor girl was going to be killed without ever having a chance to know what it felt like to have a good life. ...continue reading "Rest in Peace, Poppet"



By now, many people probably know that outdoor cats are a big pet peeve of mine.  I don't write about cats here that often.  My fiance is allergic to them, so we can't own any ourselves.  After getting Kitsune, I discovered that I'm really more of a 'dog person' anyways.  I haven't done much research on cats and am far from an expert on them.  But I have a degree in wildlife biology, and I know how bad outdoor cats can be for the environment.  Plus, I've had way too many bad experiences with outdoor cats to be able to support allowing them to wander.  Last Friday I wrote a bit about having to get post exposure rabies treatment when I was attacked by a cat.  Unfortunately, I recently had another bad experience that involved an outdoor cat.  ...continue reading "RIP John Doe Cat"

ZWhew we made it!  Today is the last day of the April A to Z blog challenge!  Thank you so much to everyone who's visited my blog during the challenge, left comments, or visited us on social media.

I thought it would be fitting, on the last day of the challenge, to post about Zeus.  I know I've mentioned him, at least in passing, here before.  But Zeus' reign begun and (sadly) ended before I started Paw Print, so I haven't written about him too much here.  Zeus was with us for only two years, he passed away in August of 2008.  Despite him being gone for over 6 years now, I still think of him sometimes. ...continue reading "Zeus (6/13/2006 – 8/8/2008)"

HI feel a little bit like I've been dwelling over Haku since he got sick and passed away.  I know I posted about him quite a bit while he was sick, and at least a few times since his death.  Despite the fact that he's been gone for almost 7 months now, here I am posting about him again!

When I got to H in the A to Z challenge I just had to write about Haku.  I wish I were writing about him in different circumstances, that he was still with us, healthy, and enjoying the nice spring weather along with his mate, Aurora, and daughter, Miyuki.  Alas that isn't the case, but in a small way he is back with us again.  I finally got around to ordering and setting up his memorial frame.  ...continue reading "Haku’s Memorial"

10522766_10202291720928860_2104513685035036047_nKiki wasn't my dog - she belonged to my sister.  But of course I love all animals, and was saddened when Kiki passed away early in the morning on November 14th.

Kiki only lived with my sister for 5 years, but she was already an older adult when my sister took her in.  She was found outside an abandoned building, and when my sister didn't have any luck finding her owners, she decided to keep Kiki.

Kiki left behind my sister's other dog, a pit bull, rottweiler mix who Kiki helped raise as a puppy.  She was a very mothering dog and was amazing with my sister's two kids, even when they were very young and probably quite obnoxious.

She had quite a few health issues near the end, most due to old age.  It's comforting to know that she is free from them now.  Kiki was a beautiful dog who, I often commented, looked more like a stuffed animal than a real dog.  She will be missed. ...continue reading "Rest in Peace, Kiki"


Those of you who know me in person, or maybe talk to me on my pet forum, probably already know that my rabbit BerryMelon ("Berry") passed away Friday morning.  After going over 2 years since having her last stroke, she had another one Friday morning and unfortunately this time did not survive.    It's been a long couple of days since she died.  Berry will be missed. ...continue reading "RIP BerryMelon"


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