Before I discovered essential oil diffusers, I was a big fan of scented candles.  Who doesn't love when their house smells nice?  Unfortunately having pets and stinky neighbors means that our house doesn't always smell quite as fresh as I'd like.  Candles can help set the atmosphere in our homes, serve as decorations, and fill our homes with their pleasant odors.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be common knowledge that some candles can also be dangerous and/or not environmentally friendly. ...continue reading "Is it Safe to Burn Candles Around Pets?"

Chris and I are gearing up to get a new (to us, at least) car soon!  To a lot of people it probably seems weird that we don't have one already, but we live in the city.  Between public transit, taxis, and Uber we've never had an issue getting around our city and the surrounding areas.  But we don't want to live in the city forever.  Getting a car is the first step of our escape plan, plus will allow us to travel more and greatly expand our adventure radius. ...continue reading "Dog Car Safety"


We live in a busy city, full of people and pets.  I spend a good amount of time each day walking my own dogs, and every once in awhile during one of our walks we'll happen upon loose pets.  In many cases a concerned owner won't be far behind, chasing after Fluffy or Fido after he/she bolted out of an open door.  Once in awhile we'll find a lost pet with no owner in sight, which always presents us with something of a dilemma. ...continue reading "What To Do if You Find a Lost Pet"


Many owners will, on occasion, share a small tidbit of human food with their canine companions. But it's important to make sure that you are aware of what foods are safe, and which ones can potentially be dangerous. Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs, and at certain concentrations can even be fatal. ...continue reading "Grapes and Raisins are Toxic to Dogs"



Some dog breeds, mostly smaller breeds, greatly benefit from being walked on a harness rather than having the leash attached to their collars. This is because smaller dogs are more prone to develop trachea damage from the pressure of their collars against their delicate necks. Collapsed trachea is a condition that is relatively common in small and toy breeds of dogs. Using a collar is one of the risk factors of the development of this disease. Using a harness instead of a collar to walk your dog doesn't guarantee that your pet will never develop collapsed trachea, but it can lower their risk. ...continue reading "Harnesses are Recommended for Walking Small Dogs"


Happy 4th of July weekend! As many of us prepare for the summer festivities to take place this weekend; fireworks, cookouts, etc, it's important to also make sure you keep your pets safety in mind.  More pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of year.  Fear of fireworks is common, but they aren't the only danger associated with American Independence Day. ...continue reading "Pet 4th of July Safety"


For most dog owners putting a collar on your dog is something so common place that you often times don't even think much about doing it. Collars and leashes can save lives, keeping pets away from dangers such as traffic and other animals, and they can be central to helping lost pets find their way home again. But what a lot of dog owners don't always realize, or realize too late, is that collars can also be dangerous. ...continue reading "Dog Collar Safety"

66Did you know that rabbits can tolerate cold weather much easier than they can tolerate heat? With the temperatures on the rise around much of the country, it's important to make sure you protect your rabbits from the summer heat. ...continue reading "Protecting Your Rabbit From The Summer Heat"


Although it's not officially summer time here yet, we've already experienced temps over 90*F.  Pretty soon the hot weather will be here to stay (at least for awhile), leaving humans and their pets looking for a reprieve from the hot summer sun. Here are 10 easy ways you can help your pet beat the heat this summer. ...continue reading "10 Tips to Help Your Pup Beat the Summer Heat"

66Both my dogs are crate trained.  When Kitsune was a pup crate training him was a bit of a nightmare.  But, with lots of patience, he eventually learned to love his crate.  Kit is 7 now and is well behaved enough that he can have free reign of the house.  Even so, we still have a crate for him in our bedroom.  We have an orthopedic bed in there for him, and besides our bed, his crate is one of his preferred sleeping spots. ...continue reading "The Potential Dangers of Wire Crates"