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Ibb've had the pleasure of sharing my life with house rabbits since getting my first one, Zeus, in 2006.  Zeus, unfortunately, was only with us for two years, but he installed in me a love for rabbits that has caused me to not only adopt four of my own (one of which is currently still with us), but also to become an active member of the rabbit rescue community.

Not everyone seems to be aware of the fact that, unfortunately, domestic rabbits are rehomed, and abandoned, in high numbers throughout the US.  There are many reasons why a pet owner may choose to give up a pet - but the one I want to focus on in this post is allergies.    ...continue reading "Keep The Rabbit, Switch The Hay!"


1185330_10201602081315448_1081552116_n4Our beautiful Miss Poppet passed away on December 17th, 2015, 6 months ago today.  It's always heartbreaking to loose a pet.  Poppets loss, for me, was all the more devastating due to the fact that we had her here with us for only a short time.  We started fostering her on September 23rd, 2014, and officially adopted her just a few days later.  In September of 2015 we celebrated her 1st "gotcha day" here with us, not knowing at the time that she would be gone just a few months later. ...continue reading "6 Months Without Poppet"



I choose to surround myself with life - my amazing pets - knowing full well that unfortunately, dealing with death is the ultimate consequence of loving creatures whose lifespans are so much shorter than our own.  Poppet lived most of her life in a tiny glass aquarium.  She was found without food, without water, with slightly deformed back legs from years of neglect, skinny, and sick.  She was brought to a shelter full of loud cats and dogs, labeled as aggressive and slated for euthanasia.  Our poor girl was going to be killed without ever having a chance to know what it felt like to have a good life. ...continue reading "Rest in Peace, Poppet"


Tomorrow is Halloween!  Are you doing anything to celebrate?  My fiance bought way more candy than I think we are going to need.  We live on a pretty busy street, so in past years haven't gotten many trick or treaters.  Despite that, we're planning on dressing up the pups and sitting outside to give out candy.  Since I'll have my hands full tomorrow, I took Halloween pictures of all the pets a few days early. ...continue reading "Happy Halloween from the Paw Pack"


Last week, amidst all the excitement of bringing our new puppy home, I noticed that Poppet seemed to be keeping one of her eyes shut more often than what is normal.  I didn't notice any discharge, and she was acting normally (eating, begging for treats, etc) otherwise.  I decided to give it a day, keeping a close eye on her eye.  The next day she didn't seem to be any worse off, but her eye wasn't any better either.  She was holding it shut, and when I took a closer look I noticed that the normally white part of her eye was very red.  So it was off to the vet for Poppet. ...continue reading "Conjunctivitis in Rabbits"


66Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  On Monday I wrote about Aurora the Leopard Gecko turning 7, and mentioned that we had another pet birthday to celebrate this week as well.  Today is the 1 year anniversary of the day we met Poppet! ...continue reading "Happy Gotcha Day to Poppet!"


WordlessImageI've been trying to spend a bit more time with the bunnies.  Yesterday I was sitting on the floor with them and got a few new pictures, mostly of Poppet.  I tried to get some of Barnaby too but he wasn't really interested in hanging out with me.  Typical Barnaby! ...continue reading "Poppet Update"


WordlessImageI was recently tagged by the lovely Anne from Whiskers to Paws to take part in the 8 photos of happiness tag.  Started on Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet, the idea is to share 8 pictures that represent happiness.  Hopefully the pictures I selected make you smile, I know I had a lot of fun looking through all my old photos. ...continue reading "8 Photos of Happiness"

66Finding flooring that works well with my pets is something I've been struggling with for awhile now.  We rent the place we live in now, so don't really have the option to have the floors redone.  The flooring in our apartment is mostly really old vinyl.  It doesn't look amazing, but one thing I've always liked about it is that it is easy to clean.  When renting with pets, easy to clean is always a good thing! ...continue reading "My Struggles to Find Paw Friendly Flooring"



This "Wordless" Wednesday is going to be a bit more wordless than usual.  I just wanted to share a few new pictures that I took of the bunnies.  Well, Poppet mostly.  I figured since I posted about reptiles on Monday, and I have a dog themed post scheduled for Friday, I'd round out the week by posting about the bunnies today.  Plus I wanted to do a brief update on how Poppet's been doing since her bout with GI Stasis last week. ...continue reading "Barnaby and Poppet Pictures"


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