I'm alive - Well, for the most part.  Around the end of the week last week I started feeling really run down.  It had been a pretty busy week, so I originally thought that maybe I had just overdone things a bit.  I figured, since the weekend was coming, that I'd have plenty of time to relax and unwind after my busy week. ...continue reading "Of Pets and the Flu"

Despite often being thought of as low maintenance cage pets, rabbits actually require a good amount of exercise, both physical and mental, to be happy.  My rabbit, Barnaby, is a senior who just turned 10 last November.  Barnaby has definitely slowed down a bit with age.  He often times prefers a leisurely stroll around his room over running about like a crazy bun.  He sleeps more than he used too.  That being said, Barnaby still very much engages with the world around him. ...continue reading "Barnaby’s Not a Huge Fan of Snow"


Happy 2016!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe new year's eve, and that your 2017 is off to an awesome start.  The pack and I had a rather mellow new year's eve this year.  The dogs' dad and I stayed home and spent a majority of our night snuggled up with the dogs on the couch.  We made it past midnight without falling asleep, at least, although I can't say the same for Kit and Fen. ...continue reading "2016: Our Year in Review"


How crazy is it that we are already a week into October?  With Halloween at the end of this month, and then the approaching winter holidays, many pet owners will be stocking up on treats for their pets.  Treats can make great holiday gifts for almost any type of pet, and can be a great way to reward your best friend without spending too much money.  I know my pets, especially the dogs, will be getting lots of treats for the holidays - they certainly don't need any more toys!  But not all treats are created equal. It's important to pick out treats that your pets enjoy, but also ones that are healthy and safe. ...continue reading "Picking Out Pet Treats"



I'm currently sitting at my computer with two sleeping dogs at my feet.  My bedroom floor is covered in tiny pieces of cardboard because Fen got into the recycling (again) and I didn't take it from him, figuring that ripping up cardboard was far from the worst thing he could be doing.  I'm waiting for our September Pet Treater box to get here, but because I doubt I'll have the motivation to take/edit pictures and write the review today, I'm posting a pack update instead. ...continue reading "September 2016 Paw Pack Update"


Everyone knows I love my dogs.  They aren't the most relaxing creatures to live with, though.  My two, yes even 7 year old Kitsune, are high energy.  Our house is usually a frenzy of walks, training sessions, wrestling, and games.  It's a lot of fun and is, most of the time, something I very much enjoy.  Once in awhile I do appreciate a bit of peace and quiet.  To find it in this house, my best bet is usually to spend some time with my lower key animal friends - Barnaby and the geckos. ...continue reading "Relaxing With Barnaby"