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I'll try to keep this as wordless as possible today!  I just wanted to share a couple of new pictures that I took of the gecko girls and their tanks last weekend.  Miyuki seems to get frustrated if I keep her tank the same for too long.  She's usually good for a couple of weeks, then starts spending a lot of her time trying to escape.  I've been considering trying her in a bioactive set up, and/or possibly upgrading her to a bigger tank, but for now I just have to change things up every couple of weeks in an attempt to keep her entertained. ...continue reading "Gecko Tank Updates"



This post is sponsored by petMD® Reptile Center, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Reptile Ownership, but Paw Print Pet Blog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. petMD and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

Probably something that most of my Paw Print readers don't know about me, is that I'm a huge dragon fan (yes, I have interests outside of my pets).  As much as I may wish that the dragons of my fantasy novels were real, that unfortunately doesn't appear to be the case.  However, my love for dragons led me to discover another passion of mine - the joy of keeping reptiles as pets. ...continue reading "An Introduction to #ReptileCare"



I feel a bit guilty!  Miyuki turned 4 years old on June 14th and I completely forgot about her birthday until last night.  I guess there's really no harm done.  Being a gecko, she's blissfully ignorant to dates, and isn't much for celebrating holidays. ...continue reading "Happy (Belated) Birthday to Miyuki!"



5050The other day I decided to have some arts and crafts time with Miyuki.  Yes, with my Leopard gecko!  A bit strange, I know.  But I've been meaning, for quite awhile now, to take prints of Miyuki's and Aurora's paws.  Back in 2013 I took prints of Haku's paws, and I've really treasured them since he passed away last September.  I thought it'd be nice to have prints from my gecko girls too. ...continue reading "(More) Leopard Gecko Paw Prints"



Another Wednesday already!  Can you believe that we're already almost two weeks into May?  The weather here has been a bit crazy lately!  It's not too bad today, but yesterday got up to 90*f here.  I'm worried about how hot this summer is going to get, if it's already getting this hot in May.  I'm not really a huge fan of the heat.  I think Kitsune and the bunnies agree with me - the cooler weather is more comfortable.  My gecko girls have been loving the warm weather though! ...continue reading "New Pics of the Gecko Girls"



Crazies that this is our first "wordless" Wednesday post in over a month!  You'd think that I'd have a slew of new pictures to post, since I haven't really posted any for so long.  Unfortunately I've been so busy, that I haven't really been going camera crazy lately.  But now that the weather here is nicer, Kitsune and I have been going to the park almost every morning.  You know what that means - bring on the park pictures! ...continue reading "Kitsune’s Serpent"

MHopefully no one is too sick of reading about my Leopard geckos.  I know I already wrote about Aurora, Haku (RIP), and Leopard geckos in general during the A to Z challenge.  But today we're at M, and I just can't pass up the opportunity to write about the amazing Miss Miyuki.  Miyuki is my Diablo Blanco Leopard gecko.  She's 3 years old, and will be 4 in June.

Miyuki was actually born here!  Aurora, who I wrote about on the first day of the A to Z challenge, is her mother, and Haku, who unfortunately passed away last September, is her father.  Aurora laid Miyuki's egg on April 24th, 2011, and she hatched on June 14th.  I was very lucky to actually be able to watch her hatch! ...continue reading "Miyuki"


LIt's been a very long time since I've been without a reptile of some sort in my life.  Over the years I've kept everything from anoles to iguanas, turtles to pythons.  Before I got my first dog, and completely fell in love with him, exotic pets, especially reptiles, were kind of 'my thing'.  Although I'd love to, someday, branch out and keep other types of reptiles again, for many years now the only reptiles to grace our home have been my Leopard geckos.  I currently have two geckos, both females, Aurora and Miyuki.

Exotic pets can be expensive, and difficult to maintain.  However, Leopard geckos have pretty basic needs, and are easy to care for in captivity.  For someone who may not be up to the challenge of keeping a more demanding pet, Leopard geckos may be a good option. ...continue reading "Leopard Geckos Can Make Good Pets for Beginners"

HI feel a little bit like I've been dwelling over Haku since he got sick and passed away.  I know I posted about him quite a bit while he was sick, and at least a few times since his death.  Despite the fact that he's been gone for almost 7 months now, here I am posting about him again!

When I got to H in the A to Z challenge I just had to write about Haku.  I wish I were writing about him in different circumstances, that he was still with us, healthy, and enjoying the nice spring weather along with his mate, Aurora, and daughter, Miyuki.  Alas that isn't the case, but in a small way he is back with us again.  I finally got around to ordering and setting up his memorial frame.  ...continue reading "Haku’s Memorial"


GWhen it comes to your pets, does gender matter?  Do you prefer one gender over another?  If so, why?

For quite awhile my fiance and I seemed to gravitate more towards keeping mostly male pets.  If you count just the pets we've owned together (not counting family pets we had growing up), we've had significantly more boys than girls.  However, currently out of our 5 pets, 3 are girls.  I think this is the first time ever that girls have outnumbered boys in our family!

Despite being one, for awhile I had a bias against female animals.  When I started keeping house rabbits, I initially adopted males because I had read that females were more prone to moodiness and/or aggression.  When I finally adopted my first ever female rabbit, Berry, I was actually surprised at how sweet she was.  Go figure, now I have Poppet, another female, and she is without a doubt the sweetest, friendliest rabbit I have ever met! ...continue reading "Girls Vs. Boys: When it Comes to Pets, Does Gender Matter?"


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