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How fast did July fly by?  Hopefully everyone had an awesome month.  I'm actually kind of glad the month is almost over because it means we're that much closer to the end of summer.  I know a lot of people really enjoy the summer but I'm a cold weather creature.  Oh, plus August 1st is our little Fenrir's birthday which I'm excited about.  He'll be 2 tomorrow! ...continue reading "July 2017 Pet Favorites"

66My Papillon, Kitsune, will be 8 next month.  Coming to terms with the fact that he's getting old hasn't exactly been easy for me.  Many vets consider 8 year old dogs to be seniors.  Kit is still active and playful, but the black hairs on his face are starting to turn white, and he suffers from arthritis in his back legs.  Our vet gave us prescription pain meds (NSAIDS) for when Kit has bad days with his arthritis, but they come with a host of side effects that I'd like to avoid, if at all possible. ...continue reading "How CBD Has Helped Kitsune"



Last week I wrote about why I started supplementing my 7 year old Papillon, Kitsune, with turmeric.  Because I already went over it, I won't get too much into the 'why' in this post, but feel free to go back and read about all the awesome benefits Kit's received from consuming turmeric.  Basically, I started giving it to him for his arthritis, and was pleasantly surprised when it started improving not only his sore legs, but a couple of other issues as well. ...continue reading "Kitsune’s Turmeric Treats"


ppppWe've been lucky (knock on wood) that our Kitsune has always been a pretty hardy pup.  He'll be 8 later this year and, so far, we've never experienced any major health scares with him.   He has a couple of chronic issues that, thankfully, are things we've been able to easily keep well managed.  Recently Kit was diagnosed with mild arthritis in his back legs.  Although mild,  Kit was getting painful enough on some days that our vet gave us a prescription pain killer for him.  I hate seeing my little buddy in pain, but the potential side effects of giving him NSAIDs often made me nervous.  I stared researching to see if there were any alternative ways to help reduce his arthritis pain without negative side effects. ...continue reading "How Turmeric Has Helped Kitsune"

ppppTSome Types Of Tea Are Safe - Even Beneficial For Dogs!

How crazy is it that there's already only 6 posts left of the A to Z Challenge?  It feels bitter sweet that the challenge is almost at its end.  After posting 6+ times a week it's going to be nice to go back to my normal 3.  But I've had a lot of fun working on the challenge posts, and know that my dogs especially have enjoyed it this year! ...continue reading "T is for Tea"


ppppMAre marrow bones safe for dogs?

When I was a kid my family had a cocker spaniel.  She ate grocery store kibble (hey, I was young and didn't know any better), but my dad also used to give her an array of raw bones to chew.  I remember raw marrow bones were one of her favorite treats.  She would spend hours working on them, trying to figure out how to get all of the coveted marrow out.  There are health benefits to feeding dogs marrow, but when I got older and had dogs of my own (ha) I learned that there are also potential dangers associated with feeding raw marrow bones. ...continue reading "M is for Marrow"



KWhat's kefir, you ask?

I've actually  been wanting to write a post about kefir for quite awhile now!  I've been making milk kefir for Kitsune for just over a year.  Milk kefir is a probiodic packed drink that is made from cultured/fermented milk.  Think yogurt, only with even more probiodic goodness, and a thinner consistency.   ...continue reading "K is for Kefir"


ppppHAt our house, we spend a lot of money on honey!

I'm a big fan of anything sweet, honey included.  In our city we have an awesome farmers market that is frequented by a local apiarist (beekeeper) who sells local, raw honey.  It costs more than supermarket honey, but, in my opinion, tastes a lot better.  Normally we have to be careful to keep our sweet treats away from the dogs.  But honey is a sweet snack you can feel good about sharing with Fido! ...continue reading "H is for Honey"


ppppHey everyone!  Happy Monday.  I hope everyone's week is off to a good start.  My day today has been a bit hectic - I feel like I haven't gotten much done other than walking dogs and wrangling puppies.  Anywho - I recently learned of a pet supplement company, NuVet Labs, that I wanted to tell you all about.  Make sure to read this post till the end.  I have an awesome giveaway for those of you interested in trying out NuVet products for yourself! ...continue reading "NuVet Labs Vitamin Review & Giveaway"


Chances are, you may have already heard a bit about the benefits of apple cider vinegar (acv) for dogs.  No stranger to acv (I use it in my hair), I personally started adding it into Kitsune's bath water to help soothe his itchy skin (due to allergies).  Kitsune isn't crazy about the taste of acv, not that I blame him, but I've also been adding a bit of it to his food.  It seems to help with his allergies.  Besides allergy relief, as a dietary supplement acv is said to provide a plethora of health benefits. ...continue reading "The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs"


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