Kitsune (2008 – 2024)

In Loving Memory of Kitsune – 12/26/2008 – 1/31/2024

The amazing Mr. Kitsune Trouble, aka Kit, the snuggle king, the giant papillon, the original muse behind this blog, sadly passed away peacefully on January 31st 2024, just a month and some days after celebrating his 15th birthday, after a brief battle with cancer.  Truly my best friend, I will carry the lessons Kitsune taught me, as well as 15 years of happy memories, with me for the rest of my life.

I apologize that this page is currently sparse.  I’m planning on updating it again when I can.  Right now the loss of Kitsune is still pretty raw.  It’s hard to write about him without crying.  I’ll get a memorial video up when I can.

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