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Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

April 5, 2022

I’ve always had a “thing” for dragons.  They’re awesome!  While dragon decor graces many of the rooms of my house, dragon fruit has never before graced my kitchen!  Although I had heard of dragon fruits before, for most of my life I had never actually seen one in person.  They’re apparently not very common in the areas where I’ve lived.  Last year, I bought a dragon fruit plant, which I was pretty excited about.  But I (stupidly) put the pot on the floor under a window.  Fenrir promptly used it as a step stool to get a better view out the window.

dogs dragon fruit

Recently, to my delight but my wallet’s despair, our local grocery store set up a small exotic fruit section.  Pretty often now they seem to carry dragon fruit.  I talked myself out of buying one every week for months.  They are expensive, and I didn’t even know if I’d like them.  Then the A to Z Challenge rolled around and, well, I had a hard time finding foods that starts with “D” that dogs can eat.

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit?

dogs dragon fruitIt turns out, dragon fruit is safe for dogs! 

Also called pitaya or pitahaya, dragon fruit is actually the fruit of a cactus.  As you can see by its listing on the ASPCA poison control database, dragon fruit is non-toxic to dogs.  Dragon fruit comes in a handful of color forms, including pink (with white flesh), purple, red, and yellow (with white flesh).  All varieties are safe for dogs, and, unlike with some fruits, the seeds of dragon fruits can be safely consumed.

While the rind of the dragon fruit is also non-toxic, I don’t recommend you, or your dog, eats it.  I read accounts of eating the rind leading to stomach upset in humans.  It’s very tough, almost leathery, and I’d personally worry about its potential to cause impaction in dogs.

Are There Health Benefits to Feeding Dogs Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is high in vitamin C, and fiber.  It also contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamin C, an antioxidant, helps to boost the immune system.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help maintain cognitive function.  Iron helps the body produce healthy red blood cells, and calcium is important for not only bone and tooth strength, but also heart and nerve function.  It may sound weird that a fruit can contain Omega-3 fatty acids.  They are found in the seeds of dragon fruit which, again, are completely eatable.  These fatty acids can help support joint, skin, and hair health.  They are also essential for proper brain development.

But Do Dogs Actually Like Dragon Fruit?

A food can be the healthiest thing in the world, but it isn’t going to do your dog any good if he/she refuses to eat it!

As I very recently learned, dragon fruit has a very mild flavor.  It reminds me a lot of kiwi fruit, but the taste isn’t nearly as strong.  After our shopping trip last week, our whole pack, Kit and Fen included, got to try dragon fruit for the first time ever!  The dogs were very unsure about it at first.  After trying a bit they both, yes even picky little Fenrir, seemed to enjoy it.

See our video below of Kit and Fen eating dragon fruit for the first time!

Remember that, like in humans, snacks should be offered to dogs in moderation.  Fruits can be especially high in natural sugars, so you don’t want to give your dog too much.

Will We Be Buying Dragon Fruit Again?

Although my dogs did, eventually, seem to enjoy it, I don’t think dragon fruit will be a regular snack for my pack.  This is mostly thanks to the fact that dragon fruit is quite expensive where we live.  We had fun trying it, though!  I even kept some seeds to see if I can grow a new dragon fruit cactus from them.  You know, to replace the one that Fenrir killed!  So who knows, maybe someday we’ll be eating dragon fruit that I grow myself!

Comment below!  Do you like dragon fruit?  Have you ever let your dog try some?  If so, what did he/she think? 

dogs dragon fruit

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  • Reply Tasha April 5, 2022 at 9:49 am

    Dragons are fabulous! I am not so sure about dragon fruit myself 😊. I don’t like things with seeds in. Glad you dogs enjoyed it though.
    Tasha’s Thinkings: YouTube – What They Don’t Tell You (and free fiction)

    • Reply Michelle & The Paw Pack April 7, 2022 at 11:59 pm

      The seeds, to me, were not as obvious as when you eat other fruit with seeds. The dragon fruit was good, but I doubt it will be something we buy very often. Actual dragons are cooler, for sure! 😉

  • Reply Lisa April 5, 2022 at 12:13 pm

    Dragon Fruit aren’t a common fruit here, and pretty expensive. I did get one once to show my kids how pretty they are inside. I don’t remember the taste. I don’t think I’d offer any to my dog, at the price I’d pay!

    • Reply Michelle & The Paw Pack April 8, 2022 at 12:01 am

      They are the same here – not very common and expensive. But they are for sure a beautiful fruit! I only gave the dogs a bit, I didn’t want to upset their stomachs since it was something they had never had before. It’s not going to be something we often get, but it was fun to try!

  • Reply Danielle L Zecher April 5, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    I’ve never had dragon fruit. I’ve been hesitant to buy it since it’s expensive and I worry about not liking it. Our dog eats practically everything, though, so I’m sure he’d like it even if we don’t.

    • Reply Michelle & The Paw Pack April 8, 2022 at 12:03 am

      It’s awesome when you have dogs like that – you don’t have to worry as much about wasting food, lol. If you like kiwi fruit, you’d probably like dragon fruit. The flavor is very mild, though.

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