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The Story Behind Our Logo

October 1, 2022

logoIf you’ve visited any of our social media pages, or our Amazon Merch store, lately you might have noticed that, after many years, we finally have an official logo!  My partner, who creates a lot of the art for my blog, designed it.  Over the past week or so I’ve slowly been uploading it to our social media sites.  Rather than just uploading it and never mentioning it I thought I’d do an official post here to tell the story behind our new logo.

I don’t think it’s any surprise that our logo features a paw print.  Hey, this is Paw Print Pet Blog after all!  Since I started this blog back in 2010 I’ve always used a blue color scheme.  So when it came to picking colors for the new logo going with blue was a no-brainer.  But why the pink, you might ask.  Why one pink toe on the paw image?  That’s where the story comes in!


The first picture of Fen I ever posted on Paw Print!

Puppy Paws!

When puppies are shiny and new, they have adorably soft little paw pads.  In puppies, paw pads can be black, pink, or both.  As puppies age, and learn to really use those little paws, their soft paw pads naturally start to become tougher.  Oftentimes (but not always) as the paw pads toughen up they also change color.  It’s not unusual for pink paw pads to darken and turn black as puppies age.

Both of my dogs started out as puppies with pink and black paws.  Kit’s paw pads eventually all turned black except….

logoFor what we fondly refer to as his “lucky pinky”.  It’s a bit dirty in that picture, but Kit has all black paw pads except for one toe on one of his back paws that, for some reason, remained pink.

Two Lucky Pinkies!?

His lucky pinky was always one of Kit’s cute little quarks that I felt was uniquely him.  I know, of course, that there are other dogs out there that have this, but still not all of them do and it is one of the millions of little things that adds up to make Kit special.  I’ve always loved Kit’s adorable paws, his lucky pinky especially, so imagine my delight when Fen matured and…

He has a lucky pinky too!  Fen’s paws retained more pink areas than Kit’s did, so his lucky pinky isn’t as pronounced.  But he does have it – one toe on one of his front paws, and it’s the only toe that remained completely pink.

Our Logo is Born

Cute right?  For many years now, ever since Kit was young, I’ve been considering getting a tattoo of a paw print with one pink toe.  I was originally considering getting a tattoo that looks like Kit’s paw, but now I don’t know how I’d decide between Kit’s and Fen’s. They are both so adorable!

I had the same issue when I was helping my partner design our new logo.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted to incorporate a paw print with one pink toe, in honor of my boys.  But I was having trouble deciding if I wanted the logo to be based off of Kit’s paw, or Fen’s.  In the end I told my partner to use his creative license and just do what he thought would look best.  The lucky pinky on our logo ended up not being the same toe as either Kit’s or Fen’s pink toe, which I actually ended up liking a lot.  I feel like this way it kind of represents both of them.

The new Paw Print Pet Blog logo!

So there you have it, the story behind our new logo!  I love that it is simplistic but at the same time, to me at least, meaningful.  Now every time you see it you’ll know the meaning behind it too!

Comment below!  What do you think of our new logo?  Do any of your pets have any silly/unique markings?

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  • Reply Priscilla King May 11, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Nice that the logo represents the individual dogs. I look for something unusual about each animal for identification purposes, too.

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