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Kitsune’s IVDD Recovery Diary – Week 4

October 19, 2022

Last week was…a week.  This month I’ve been trying to get new posts up every other day, but I, unfortunately, had to take a break last week.  Besides dealing with Kitsune‘s continued recovery from IVDD, my other dog, Fenrir, got sick last week too!  I’ll probably post more about this another time, but Fen developed pancreatitis that started on Sunday, October 9th.  I won’t go into too much detail now, since this post isn’t really about Fen, but suffice it to say that we spent a lot of time at the vet last week, and a lot of time worrying about Fenrir.  When it rains, or so they say.  Fenrir is doing much better now, though!

Then, besides all that, I had to deal with a lot of work-related stress last week as well.  Stress was just the theme of the week I suppose, which meant I really wasn’t feeling up to writing.

Saturday, October 8th – Friday, October 14th

IVDD recoveryBut, thankfully (touches wood), Kit has been feeling up to healing!  He’s been doing really well.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d have no idea what rough shape he was in when our adventures in IVDD started just a short month ago.  I’m including some pictures of him out in the yard, during a bathroom break, in this post.  I figured people might be a bit bored of seeing pictures of him lying in a dog bed week after week.

We’ve been keeping our outdoor forays to quick bathroom breaks only, which Kit hasn’t been too happy about.  He really wants to play and explore in the yard.  I feel horrible making him come back inside when he doesn’t want to.  But making sure that his disc fully heals really is the most important thing right now.

We’re still in the process of weaning Kit off of Prednisone.  He’s down to taking half a pill every other day now.  We’re supposed to keep him on that schedule for two full weeks before we can, finally, stop the Prednisone completely.  It’s going to be a relief to finally have Kit off all his prescription IVDD meds.  Between him and now Fen my kitchen counter is starting to look like a dog pharmacy!

I feel like these updates are going to be really boring from here on out, if they weren’t already boring.  Despite still needing more time to fully heal, Kit is pretty much back to his normal self.  It’s been so hard to stop him from running around or trying to jump onto furniture.  Last weekend, I finally felt brave enough to tackle clipping his nails and do a sanitary trim.  So Kit got a very much-needed mani-pedi.  I don’t think I’m going to feel comfortable cutting his fur again before the really cold weather gets here.  For the past few years I’ve been letting Kit’s fur grow out in the winter, but I usually give him one last trim around October – November.  It will be interesting to see how much fluffier he gets with the extra grow out time this year.

Follow Kitsune’s IVDD Recovery, Week By Week…

I guess that’s it for this update.  It’s honestly a good thing that I don’t have more to report, because Kit is doing really well!  I’ll continue to update, though.  I know some people have been finding my blog through our IVDD updates lately, so I figured I might as well follow through and keep updating throughout the recovery period.

Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone is doing well and having an awesome week.  Thanks to everyone who’s sent well wishes for Kit – They seem to be working!

IVDD recovery

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