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Tips for Keeping Your Pets Calm During Fireworks

December 4, 2022

I feel like this may seem like a weird time of the year to be posting about fireworks.  However, in many places, people celebrate the new year with fireworks.  It was really common where we used to live, just outside of NYC.  In fact, we used to be able to watch new years eve firework displays from our apartment window.  Now we live in a state where consumer fireworks are legal.  So, as you can imagine, hearing fireworks go off in our neighborhood, especially around holidays, is relatively common.  Unfortunately, as beautiful as they are, fireworks can be really frightening for our pets.  This post will include tips for helping to keep your pets calm during fireworks.

Bring Pets Indoors:

Keeping your pets safely indoors will reduce the risk of them running off in fear.  Even if your pet wouldn’t normally leave your yard, he/she may find a way to escape if frightened enough.  It’s also important to keep in mind that inconsiderate partygoers in your area may pester, or even harm, pets left outdoors on their own.

pets calm fireworksExercise Pets During Daylight Hours:

Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise before fireworks are expected.  Exercise can have a calming effect.  Pets who don’t have a ton of excess energy are usually less prone to panic.

Reduce Outside Noise:

If possible, close your windows, shades, and doors.  Keeping your home closed up should help reduce loud sounds, and will also hide flashing lights and reduce strange odors.

Create Familiar Sounds:

Help to mask the sound of fireworks by playing sounds that are familiar to your pets.  This could be as simple as turning on the TV or radio.  Play soothing music or something that your pet is already used too.

pets calm fireworksDistraction:

If you are staying in with your pet, you can try distracting him/her with toys or treats.

Safe Hiding Places:

Many types of pets will feel more comfortable if they have a safe place to hide when they are frightened.  Let your pet hide if she/he wants too.  Trying to remove your pet from their hiding place will probably stress him/her out even more.  Provide your pet with a safe place to hide, such as a crate, under a blanket, etc., and only remove pets from hiding if they hide somewhere unsafe.

Stay with Your Pet:

For some animals, there is nothing that comforts them more than being with their human.  If you can, stay home with your pet when fireworks are expected.

Set a Good Example:

Try to remain calm even if your pet is stressed.  Pets can sense their owner’s moods and if you remain calm it may help your pet calm down as well.

Products that May Be Helpful:

If you know that your pet is extremely fearful around loud noises, there are a few products designed to help keep pets calm.  Thundershirts are designed to help pets with anxiety.  Rescue Remedy is suppose to help stressed out pets as well.  If your pet is very fearful, and you are worried that he may hurt himself, contact your veterinarian for advice.  Some vets may prescribe sedatives to help keep your pet calm during times of extreme stress.

Is your pet afraid of fireworks?  Do you have any additional tips for keeping pets calm during potentially stressful holiday celebrations?  Comment below! 

pets calm fireworks


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