Yay or Nay, Dog Poop Composting

dogeyebrows2Don’t worry, I’ll spare you from having to look at pictures of dog poop, despite this blogs title.  It may not be the funnest part of owning pets, but hey, poop happens!  Growing up my family had a pet rabbit, and my mom is an avid gardener.  My parents have a compost pile in their yard and I remember them diligently collecting our bunny’s poop to mix into the compost.  Rabbit poop is one thing.  It doesn’t have really any smell to speak of, and it is one of the few types of animal feces that won’t burn your plants, even when used fresh (without composting).  Composting the feces of herbivores (rabbit, cows, horses, etc) is pretty common place, but did you know that it’s possible to compost the poop of carnivores as well? Continue reading

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National Pet Dental Health Month

2222I’m a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit!) behind this month.  I know that February is already very close to being over.  On Monday I wrote about this month being Adopt a Rescued Rabbit month.  I don’t think it so much matters what month you actually adopt, or raise awareness, in, as long as you do so when you’re ready.  On the same token, your pet’s dental health is something you should consider all year through, so I don’t think it matters that there are only two days left in February!

I know that most people who read my blog are already amazing pet owners!  I certainly do what I can to make sure my animal companions stay happy and healthy.  But even for the best of pet owners, dental health can sometimes be all too easy to overlook.  I’m certainly guilty of slacking on keeping up with Kitsune’s teeth at times.  Hey, I sometimes fall asleep at night without brushing my own teeth, let alone my dogs!  While occasionally forgetting to brush your pets teeth won’t mean the end of the world, it’s important to get into the habit of good oral hygiene.  Keep Fido’s teeth fresh means not only a healthy mouth, but dental hygiene plays an important role in overall health as well. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Miyuki


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February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

wwwI know the month is almost over now, but I thought it still worth mentioning that February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month!  And hey, even if you don’t get around to adopting this month, you could always start your research now, and adopt when you are ready.  Plus, it’s never a bad time to raise awareness about shelter rabbits.  Not everyone realizes that rabbits, a popular pet in the United States (and many other countries as well), sadly often times find themselves homeless in shelters/rescues, listed on websites such as Craigslist, and, worst of all,  abandoned outside (or “set free”) where they usually quickly succumb to the elements, traffic, or predators. Continue reading

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“Wordless” Wednesday – Kitsune The Snuggle King


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Feb. 2015 Pet Gift Box Review

1Happy Friday!

Back before the holidays, Kitsune and I posted a review for the November 2014 Pet Gift Box.  Earlier this week, much to Kit’s delight, we received the February Pet Gift Box to review.  Despite already having two huge boxes of toys to play with, Kitsune still gets really excited when a box comes for him.  I guess I can’t blame him, it’s always fun getting mail.  Except for when it’s bills, but of course Kit doesn’t have to worry about that!  Anyways, I wanted to share what we received in our February box, so if you are interested read on!    Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Winter Beach Trip!


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New NJ Legislation Could Help Pets Left Out In The Cold

4We’ve had some really cold weather here on the east coast lately!  If you’re like me, and are a member of any animal related groups on social media, you’ve probably seen numerous posts about taking your pets indoors during extreme weather conditions.  Seems like common sense I know, but unfortunately there are owners who leave pets outdoors even when it’s extremely cold, or hot, out.  But soon pets left out in the cold in NJ could have the law on their side.  News 12 NJ recently reported on a proposed new ordinance that would require pet owners to bring their pets indoors when temperatures outdoors are extreme.  It may also help to establish new standards for outdoor shelters.  Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: New Pictures of Aurora


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Keep The Rabbit, Switch The Hay!

bbI’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life with house rabbits since getting my first one, Zeus, in 2006.  Zeus, unfortunately, was only with us for two years, but he installed in me a love for rabbits that has caused me to not only adopt four of my own (two of which are currently still with us), but also to become an active member of the rabbit rescue community.

Not everyone seems to be aware of the fact that, unfortunately, domestic rabbits are rehomed, and abandoned, in high numbers throughout the US.  There are many reasons why a pet owner may choose to give up a pet – but the one I want to focus on in this post is allergies.    Continue reading

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