ppppWe've been lucky (knock on wood) that our Kitsune has always been a pretty hardy pup.  He'll be 8 later this year and, so far, we've never experienced any major health scares with him.   He has a couple of chronic issues that, thankfully, are things we've been able to easily keep well managed.  Recently Kit was diagnosed with mild arthritis in his back legs.  Although mild,  Kit was getting painful enough on some days that our vet gave us a prescription pain killer for him.  I hate seeing my little buddy in pain, but the potential side effects of giving him NSAIDs often made me nervous.  I stared researching to see if there were any alternative ways to help reduce his arthritis pain without negative side effects. ...continue reading "How Turmeric Has Helped Kitsune"

ppppI don't think this will come as any surprise, but I'm a positive training kind of girl.  My pets, my dogs especially, are family.  I love the bond I share with them and would never want to risk it by using harsh training methods. ...continue reading "My Favorite Dog Trainers"

662What's better than having happy puppies!?  Fen's been feeling pretty sorry for himself this week (he was neutered on Monday), but our August Pet Treater box got here and perked him right up!  This month's theme was Best in Show, and the animal rescue of the month is HAAL Homeless Animal Adoption League, Inc based in Bloomington, NJ.  ...continue reading "August 2016 Pet Treater Review & Coupon Codes"


66As promised in my last post, today I'm going to update everyone on how Fen is doing since his neuter.  His surgery Monday went smoothly.  The time seemed to go by so slowly, but we were finally able to go pick him up around 6pm.  The vet's office was really busy when we got there so I didn't get to talk much with his vet, but I didn't mind so much since at that point I think everyone just wanted to get home - especially Fen! ...continue reading "Fen’s Neuter Update"



It's quiet today in the Paw Pack house.  This morning I woke up bright and early to drop little Fen off at the vets.  He's getting fixed.  I know getting pets spayed/neutered is a pretty routine thing, but still I worry.

As my regular readers probably know, Fenrir is just over a year old now.  I get a lot of mixed feedback when people find out I waited so long to get him neutered.  Many vets still recommend getting pets fixed when they are around 6 months old.  Some people in the rescue community recommend having it done even younger than that.  Research I've done, on top of personal experience, has convinced me to wait a bit longer before having my dogs fixed. ...continue reading "How Long Should You Wait Before Getting Your Dog Fixed"

ppppLast month, after speaking with a groomer who tried to convince me that Papillons have double coats, I wrote a bit about how to tell if your dog has a single or double coat.  I happen to have one dog with each coat type.  Kitsune, my Papillon, has an amazingly soft single coat which, yes, I do trim often.  Fenrir, my Alaskan Klee Kai, has a thick, warm double coat.  He sheds a lot more than Kitsune does, and when I brush him I can clearly see that he has two different types of fur.  While it's generally thought to be ok to trim a single coated dog, unless it was medically necessary, I wouldn't ever shave Fen's double coat. ...continue reading "Why You Shouldn’t Shave Double Coated Dogs"


Everyone knows I love my dogs.  They aren't the most relaxing creatures to live with, though.  My two, yes even 7 year old Kitsune, are high energy.  Our house is usually a frenzy of walks, training sessions, wrestling, and games.  It's a lot of fun and is, most of the time, something I very much enjoy.  Once in awhile I do appreciate a bit of peace and quiet.  To find it in this house, my best bet is usually to spend some time with my lower key animal friends - Barnaby and the geckos. ...continue reading "Relaxing With Barnaby"


The game Pokemon GO has been all the rage the past couple of weeks.  I downloaded the app right away and have been able to play it a bit, but not much.  I walk 5 times a day - twice a day each with Kit and Fen independently, and once a day with both of them together (my fiance helps during our daily 'pack walks').  With all that walking, you'd think I'd be swimming in Pokemon!  Alas, that isn't the case.  Quite awhile ago now I decided to make it a rule not to use my phone while I'm walking my dogs, unless I need it in an emergency.  Catching Pokemon, no matter how rare they might be, is not an emergency. ...continue reading "Why I Don’t Use My Phone While I Walk My Dogs"

6615Happy Friday!  If there was a competition to determine the most spoiled dogs in the world, I'm pretty sure mine would be near the top of the list.  On top of all the fun we had celebrating Fenrir's 1st birthday, the dogs also got their August Pooch Perks box early this month! ...continue reading "August 2016 Pooch Perks Review & Coupon Code"