Responsible Pit Bull Dog Owners Are The Majority! #TheMajorityProject

Kanan, My sisters beautiful pit bull mix.

Kanan, My sisters beautiful pit bull mix.

Dogs come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but all have one thing in common.  Dogs are awesome!  When raised with love, understanding, and respect, dogs truly are humans’ best friends.  Your dog will love you, unconditionally, from the moment he becomes a member of your family, until he draws his last breath.  Dogs don’t care about where we work, how much money we make, or what we look like.

Humans have a lot to learn from our furry counterparts – about loving unconditionally, and looking past stereotypes to view each living thing as an individual.  Dogs, like humans, will shape their behaviors based on factors such as their environment, how they were raised/trained, and how they have been treated in the past.  No living thing should be discriminated against based on stereotypes, or how it looks. Continue reading

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I Love My Bunnies So Much, I Bought Them Cilantro

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwI had to make an emergency run to the grocery store the other day, mostly to stock up on greens for the hoppers.  Among other things, I bought them some cilantro.  Right about now you’re probably thinking “so what?”, and wondering what about my recent grocery greens run made it blog worthy.

Both my fiance and I utterly despise cilantro!

This may sound strange, but we’re not the only people who feel this way.  Genetic studies done by 23andMe scientists have shown that cilantro hatred is genes deep.  I’m not going to delve into genetics in this post, but basically your genes can determine whether you enjoy or despise cilantro. Continue reading

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What We’ve Been Up To…

SleepyKitsune1Happy Friday everyone!

I don’t usually like to go this long without posting anything new, so sorry about that!  This post isn’t going to be anything special either, but I wanted to at least get something up this week.  You know that saying, “when it rains, it pours”?  Well it’s been pouring here, both figuratively and literally! Continue reading

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Sometimes, Dogs Just Need Boots

sssssssssAnd Santa shirts too!

Do you ever put clothes on your pet?  Are you against dressing pets?  Last week the weather here went from feeling like spring, to bitter cold and snowy.  Of course, being a dog owner, I don’t get to use the bad weather as an excuse to stay inside.  Kitsune still has to go out multiple times a day, rain or shine, to go to the bathroom.

I don’t have a lot of clothes for Kitsune, and I don’t dress him often, but he’s always been fine with it when I do.  While they do look absolutely adorable, all of Kitsune’s clothes are functional.  He has a few shirts, a rain coat, and of course his boots.  Continue reading

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Snow Papillon!


Continue reading

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Poppet’s Progress

qHopefully you guys aren’t getting too sick of me writing about my own pets rather than posting more informative articles.  This just seems like the perfect place to gush about my fur babies.  I think some of my Facebook friends might be getting a tad sick of all my pet posts there.

I really wanted to write a bit about Poppet, and the incredible amount of progress she’s made in the almost 5 months she’s been with us so far.  If you haven’t already, you can read the beginning of her story here.  I don’t think you can really tell from the initial pictures I posted of her, but Poppet was very underweight when we first took her in.  There was literally nothing to her but skin and bones.  Her fur hid it well, but when I petted her you could feel every little bone in her body. Continue reading

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Gecko Tank Updates!

1Happy Friday!  How’s everyone’s 2015 going so far?  Ours is going pretty well – everything’s pretty status quo so far.

Back before all the holidays I posted pictures of my gecko tanks (for I think the first time ever on this blog!?) and mentioned that I had some tank updates planned.  I don’t usually get the geckos a lot of gifts for the holidays, considering that they really already have all the essentials, and it’s not like they can actually open presents or anything.  But I had really been wanting to update their tanks for awhile, and used Christmas as an excuse to redo their tanks.  I think buying them new stuff was more of a gift for me than it was for them, but they both seem to be enjoying their new hides so it’s okay. Continue reading

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Kitsune Pigeon Watching


Continue reading

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Book Review: Barbeque for Bulldogs

bbqRemember back in October when we posted our review for Pastry for Poodles, the first book in a series of cookbooks written by dogs, for dogs?  Now fans of The Chow Network Book Series can rejoice, for their second book, Barbeque for Bulldogs, is now available on Amazon!

Like the recipes in Pastry for Poodles, the culinary creations featured in Barbeque for Bulldogs are more for entertainment than an actual cooking guide.  The recipes are written in the voice of Chef Butch Waddles.  With measurement units such as “paws”, “scoops”, and “swipes”, temperature settings of “PRETTY HOT”, and time measured in increments of walks, naps, and belly rubs, some guesstimation might be in order if you’re going to actually attempt to create the recipes in the book.  I’m a vegetarian so, for obvious reasons, not really big on barbeque, but the images in the book definitely had Kitsune drooling!  And for those vegetarians among us, or anyone who doesn’t want to attempt translating doggy units of measurements to human, have no fear – the book is sure to complete its main task – keeping dog lovers entertained! Continue reading

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2014: Our Year In Review

cb3Happy 2015!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve, and is having an amazing start to 2015 so far!  Since we had a pretty busy Christmas, we decided to have a nice quiet New Year’s Eve, and just celebrated at home.  The gecko girls both got nice clean tanks, complete with the additions of their new hides that they got for Christmas.  I spent some extra time cleaning Barnaby and Poppet’s room, and the bunnies and Kitsune each got an extra special dinner to celebrate the new year.  Not too exciting, but it was nice to be able to just relax at home. Continue reading

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