Rest in Peace, Kiki

10522766_10202291720928860_2104513685035036047_nKiki wasn’t my dog – she belonged to my sister.  But of course I love all animals, and was saddened when Kiki passed away early in the morning on November 14th.

Kiki only lived with my sister for 5 years, but she was already an older adult when my sister took her in.  She was found outside an abandoned building, and when my sister didn’t have any luck finding her owners, she decided to keep Kiki.

Kiki left behind my sister’s other dog, a pit bull, rottweiler mix who Kiki helped raise as a puppy.  She was a very mothering dog and was amazing with my sister’s two kids, even when they were very young and probably quite obnoxious.

She had quite a few health issues near the end, most due to old age.  It’s comforting to know that she is free from them now.  Kiki was a beautiful dog who, I often commented, looked more like a stuffed animal than a real dog.  She will be missed. Continue reading

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Silly Things Dogs Do: Sucking & Kneading Objects

Kneading is usually a habit associated with cats, but did you know that some dogs do it too?  Some dogs seem to develop a habit of kneading with their front paws, while they suck on a favorite toy, blanket, etc, at the same time.  It’s something my Papillon Kitsune has done since he was a puppy, and since it was always normal for him I never put too much thought into it.  Although not as common for dogs as for cats, this type of behavior is thought to mimic how puppies nurse from their mother, and may be a comforting behavior. Continue reading

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Pictures of Zeus (6/13/2006 – 8/8/2008)


No that isn’t Poppet and no, I didn’t get a new rabbit.  That’s Zeus!  I never really wrote about him much here since he passed away before I started this blog.  He’s been gone since 2008 but I still think about him now and then.  Zeus was awesome!

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Is Trancing A Rabbit Safe?

Photo Credit: Nancy J Price Via Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Nancy J Price Via Wikimedia Commons

Trancing a rabbit, sometimes also referred to as hypnotizing them, is a relatively common practice among rabbit owners.  Basically, a rabbit is flipped over and laid or held on its back.  Many rabbits will stay very still while in this position, almost as if in a trance, hence the name ‘trancing’.  Some owners trance their rabbits to make it easier to do things such as clip their nails, check their teeth, etc.  I’ve seen it promoted as a way to help owners bond with their bunnies, especially since it is often assumed that tranced rabbits are in a state of extreme relaxation.

However, there are also many rabbit owners who speak out against trancing, stating that not only can it be dangerous, but that it’s a very stressful, unpleasant experience for the rabbits involved.

What exactly is trancing?  Why does putting some rabbits on their backs cause them to appear almost to be hypnotized, and is it really safe? Continue reading

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Why Dogs Wipe Their Paws After Going To The Bathroom

I came across this question the other day, and just happened to have a video of Kitsune doing it, so decide to write about it here.  Not all dogs, but many, will wipe their paws on the ground after using the bathroom.  Apparently a lot of dogs only wipe their hind paws, but my dog does a silly dance and wipes all of his.  Some only do it after they defecate.  Others, like my dog, do it after urinating.  Some do it after both.  Have you ever wondered why?  Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Kitsune


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Name Tag Wizard Pet Name Tags Review

IMG366The awesome people over at Name Tag Wizard recently asked me if I’d like to try out their Pet Name Tags.  Anyone who has ever seen Kitsune’s collar, and harness, could probably tell that I have a thing for pet tags.  Kitsune currently has a grand total of 7 (yes 7) tags – 3 on his collar and another 4 on his harness.

I figured that 7 tags is probably enough for poor Kitsune, and had Name Tag Wizard send me the two tags pictured.  They are both the Circle Name Tag, one in red and one in pink.  I got them with my rabbits’ names on them, thinking that they’d look really cute attached to the rabbits’ cage, and that I could also attach them to their carrier when we travel. Continue reading

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How I Bonded My Rabbits

1I currently have two rabbits.  I adopted Barnaby when he was just 8 months old, and he’ll be 8 years old this month!  Poppet is my family’s newest addition – she’s only been here since September 23rd.

I don’t know how familiar with rabbits most of my readers are, especially since so many of my posts focus around my dog Kitsune.  To anyone unfamiliar with rabbits, convincing two rabbits to cohabit peacefully might seem like a simple task.  They are rabbits, after all – tiny, peaceful, and sweet right?  Think again!  Bunnies can be downright nasty to each other when they want to be.  In fact, rabbits are very capable of seriously injuring and even killing each other.  That’s why it’s very important to go through the bonding process before allowing two rabbits to live together. Continue reading

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Pictures of My Gecko Girls!


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SnapLeash Review

wwwwHello hello!  Happy Monday – or whatever day it happens to be as you’re reading this!

I seem to be having some good luck lately!  I posted back in September when we won an awesome pet blanket.  Not too long after, we found out that we also won the amazing ZoePhee‘s SnapLeash giveaway.  We received our SnapLeash – the black 5/8” version – a couple of weeks ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it. Continue reading

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