Tips for Selecting a Veterinarian

VI’m currently in the process of looking for a new veterinarian for my dog.  We live in the city, so have a lot of options in our area.  We are close by to everything from traditional vet practices, to holistic vets, to mobile vets.  I wouldn’t even have to leave my house come time for my dog’s yearly exam!

For some people, the choice might be made easier by the fact that fewer practices are closer to them.  Location is certainly an important consideration.  You want to live close enough to your vet’s clinic that it isn’t a huge hassle to get your pet there for regular exams or, god forbid, in an emergency.  Other than location, what do you look for when selecting a vet? Continue reading

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Submissive Urination in Dogs

UThis is a topic I probably wouldn’t have written about anytime soon if it wasn’t for the A to Z challenge.  Submissive urination isn’t something I’ve had to deal with with my current dog, Kitsune.  That’s not to say that I haven’t experienced this issue before, as my family’s dog when I was a kid, a black and white cocker spaniel named Naomi, used to do this quite frequently.  Submissive urination is basically what it sounds like – it’s when a dog urinates to show that it’s not a threat.  The behavior is rather common in puppies, but, luckily, most dogs grow out of it as they get older.  Not all dogs who have accidents do so for this reason.  So how do you determine if your dog is displaying submissive urination, and is there anything you can do about it? Continue reading

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Titer Tests

TI don’t have any (human) children of my own, but I’ve seen quite a bit of attention being drawn to the issue of vaccinating (or not) kids.  I don’t presume to know much about what’s right when it comes to vaccinating children, as it’s a topic I never personally gave much consideration too, but I have spent a fair amount of time researching what vaccinations to give my dog.  The topic of vaccinations can be a hot button topic for pet owners.  Of course no one wants their pet to contract potentially deadly diseases, especially if there is a way to protect against them.  But vaccinations, unfortunately, do come with some risks.

It’s been common for quite some time for veterinarians to recommend vaccinating pets yearly, but studies are now starting to show that many common vaccinations actually  provide pets with disease protection for much longer than a year.  This leaves many pet owners wondering if vaccinating so frequently is necessary, and if it may even be doing more harm than good.  For pet owners who want to do what they can to ensure their pets are protected against disease, but who also don’t want to needlessly over vaccinate, having your vet preform yearly titer tests is an alternate option. Continue reading

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Saving Shelter Pets is as Easy as Walking your Dog

SAfter today, there are just 7 more posts left in the A to Z challenge!  I hope that everyone has been enjoying our entries so far – I know we’ve been having a blast writing them!

Today I want to tell you about an app that makes it easy to help save shelter pets.  It’s called Walk For A Dog and it’s currently available for Android and iphones.  The app’s not new, but it’s relatively new to me.  I originally found it a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t compatible with my old phone.  I recently (finally) entered the 21st century and got an updated phone.  I downloaded the Walk For A Dog app last month and have been really enjoying it since.  It keeps track of the distance you walk, your MPH, how long you spend walking, and shows a map of your route.  It’s awesome if, like me, you’re trying to keep healthy and want a way to track your walks.  But what makes it really special is that the app lets you select a shelter to walk for, and your selected shelter receives donations for each mile you walk! Continue reading

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Review of April’s Pet Gift Box

RI told you I found a way to sneak a review into the A to Z blog challenge!  My puppers Kitsune received his April Pet Gift Box earlier this month and has been really enjoying the toy and treats he got.  Pet Gift Box has been doing awesome with their themes lately.  I wrote last month about how much we enjoyed their March madness box.  This months box had a Eco friendly theme, in honor of Earth Day (which is tomorrow).  My regular readers probably already know this, but I am a big fan of Eco friendly pet products!

The insert for this months box even included tips for living green with your pet.  What an awesome way to help spread the word about caring for your pet and the environment at the same time! Continue reading

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Quality Time with Pets

QHow do you spend quality time with your pet(s)?

I think spending meaningful time with our animal friends is an important part of pet ownership.  Not all types of pets, like reptiles for example, will be as interactive as your average cat or dog.  However, there isn’t any type of pet I can think of that doesn’t need at least a basic level of care.  My Leopard geckos, for example, aren’t very interactive pets.  I rarely handle them.  Most of my time spent with them entails me cleaning up after them, making sure they have food/water, and setting up their tanks.  However, I enjoy the time I spend caring for them, and although they may not appreciate the care the way that a dog would, it makes me happy knowing that I’m giving them a good life.  Continue reading

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PToday is the last day in the A to Z challenge that I’m going to be able to write about one of my current pets.  Little Miss Poppet is my only pet left who I haven’t written about during the challenge yet.  Poppet also happens to be our newest addition.  She’s only been with us for about 8 months so far, although she fit in so well here that it feels like she’s been with us forever!

I first introduced Poppet on my blog in October of last year.  She originally started out as a foster rabbit!  Poppet was found living in a really small aquarium, basically in her own filth.  She was confiscated by animal control and brought to a shelter, where they tried to clean her up as best they could, but the shelter she was in was more experienced with dogs/cats and not so much bunnies.  Poor Poppet was really scared, who can blame her, and was labeled as aggressive because she was lunging at people out of fear. Continue reading

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Old Pets are Awesome!

OCurrently my oldest pet is Barnaby the bunny, who, at 8 years old, is officially a senior.  Barnaby’s pretty spry for an old guy, luckily.  So far we haven’t had to deal with any major health issues with him.  I started him on joint supplements recently, to hopefully stave off the onset of arthritis – an ailment as common in older animals as it is in people.  My next oldest pet is one of my Leopard geckos, Aurora, who will be 7 this September.  My dog, Kitsune, is currently 6.  My other pets, Poppet (rabbit) and Miyuki (gecko) will both be turning 4 this year.

Caring for older pets can be a bittersweet experience.  No one really wants to think about their best friends getting older and, eventually, dieing.  For many people dealing with the death of a pet will be their first real experience with death, and losing a loved one is never easy.  But being blessed by an senior pet isn’t all doom and gloom – Old pets are awesome! Continue reading

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Nematodes for Natural Flea Control

NFleas are the bane of pet owners!  Not only do they make our pets, as well as us, uncomfortable, they are just plain gross.  Did you know that fleas can carry diseases, and can cause secondary parasite infestation (namely tapeworms)?  Fleas are bad enough under normal circumstances, but if you, or your pet, are allergic to their bite, the normally pesky pests become even more of a problem.  My dog, Kitsune, is allergic to flea bites.  Flea allergy dermatitis can cause severe itching, skin sores/hot spots, and hair loss.

Flea treatment, especially in severe cases, usually consists of a three pronged approach.  Not only must you remove the pests that are already on your pet, but the pet’s environment, both indoors and out, should be treated as well.  You don’t want to go through the hassle of removing fleas from your pet, only to have them go outside and catch them again! Continue reading

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MHopefully no one is too sick of reading about my Leopard geckos.  I know I already wrote about Aurora, Haku (RIP), and Leopard geckos in general during the A to Z challenge.  But today we’re at M, and I just can’t pass up the opportunity to write about the amazing Miss Miyuki.  Miyuki is my Diablo Blanco Leopard gecko.  She’s 3 years old, and will be 4 in June.

Miyuki was actually born here!  Aurora, who I wrote about on the first day of the A to Z challenge, is her mother, and Haku, who unfortunately passed away last September, is her father.  Aurora laid Miyuki’s egg on April 24th, 2011, and she hatched on June 14th.  I was very lucky to actually be able to watch her hatch! Continue reading

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