Rabbits are a Long Term Commitment


10986814_1103996559625865_3010010736383765457_nI’m not going to harp too much on this topic this year.  Well, maybe just a little bit.  Although my blog focuses more so on my amazing dog Kitsune, as well as dogs in general, my first pet was actually a house rabbit.  I may not talk about them as much as of late, but rabbits will always be near and dear to my heart.  My life has gotten pretty hectic, and I haven’t been as active in the rescue scene as I used to be, but anyone who’s even a little bit interested in rabbit rescue knows that this is a horrible time of year for pet rabbits.  A huge percentage of rabbits who are given to children as Easter gifts end up abandoned, sometimes as soon as just a few weeks after the holiday. Continue reading

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Kitsune’s Haircut


bedheadHave you noticed anything different about Kitsune lately?  If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have noticed me complaining about Kitsune’s unruly fur.  We let it grow out for most of the fall and winter, and in that short time it got really long!

I know it’s not necessarily normal for Papillons to get haircuts.  Papillon owners and groomers alike are probably cringing at this post.  But Kitsune isn’t exactly your typical Papillon either.  Not only does keeping his hair shorter make it infinitely easier to keep our home clean, but, more importantly, Kitsune seems to be more comfortable as well. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs


Chances are, you may have already heard a bit about the benefits of apple cider vinegar (acv) for dogs.  No stranger to acv (I use it in my hair), I personally started adding it into Kitsune’s bath water to help soothe his itchy skin (due to allergies).  Kitsune isn’t crazy about the taste of acv, not that I blame him, but I’ve also been adding a bit of it to his food.  It seems to help with his allergies.  Besides allergy relief, as a dietary supplement acv is said to provide a plethora of health benefits. Continue reading

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Poison Prevention Week


National Poison Prevention Week 2015 is/was March 15th – 21st.  So I’m a little late posting this, which seems to be a trend of mine as of late, but when it comes to protecting your family from exposure to poison the best time is now!  Continue reading

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Happy (Belated) St. Patrick’s Day!


Continue reading

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Book Review: Tex-Mex for Terriers

gggggI hope everyone’s week is off to an awesome start!

Between reviewing Spaghetti for Sheepdogs on the 6th, the latest Pet Gift Box last Friday, and Tex-Mex for Terriers today, I feel like Paw Print has been a little review heavy as of late.  Entirely my fault, hopefully nobody minds too much.  I got a bit behind on my reviews and am playing catch up now.  I had Spaghetti for Sheepdogs sitting on my desk so that I could read it when I got some free time.  But free time for me is a rare commodity, and before I knew it Tex-Mex for Terriers was here and I still hadn’t even gotten a chance to read Spaghetti for Sheepdogs!

But I’m all caught up now!  I have a few items in the mail that I’ll be reviewing once they get here and I get a chance to try them out, but I should be able to space those reviews out more instead of doing them all in a row.

Anyways!  I had the day off from work yesterday so I got a chance to sit down and read through The Chow Network’s latest book, Tex-Mex for Terriers.  This book, along with the other 3 in the series, is currently available in both ebook and paperback formats on Amazon. Continue reading

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March Pet Gift Box Review & Coupon Code

1How’s everyone’s March going so far?  I can’t believe so much of it is already over!  I hope that everyone is gearing up for an awesome weekend.  Kitsune had a pretty fun week this week.  I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off from work.  Monday because it was my birthday, and Tuesday because we had company for most of the day, which Kitsune always loves.  On Tuesday evening his week got even better because his March Pet Gift Box arrived!  Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Messy Puppy!


Continue reading

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Paw Pack Update!

Hello!  I mentioned last Wednesday that my birthday was coming up, and now it’s here!  To celebrate, I took the weekend and today off from work to give myself a nice long weekend.  Mostly to celebrate my birthday, but also partly because I’ve been spending so much time on the computer lately that my eyes were really bothering me.  I don’t want to spend too much time blogging today so that I can give my eyes an extra day to rest before getting back to work tomorrow.  But I think the last time I posted a general update on all my pets was back in January, and what better to blog about on my birthday than some of my favorite critters in the world, my pets! Continue reading

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Book Review: Spaghetti for Sheepdogs

tgtHappy Friday!

I feel bad.  I received a copy of Spaghetti for Sheepdogs quite awhile ago and am just now getting around to posting about it.  Sometimes life gets busy, and unfortunately I haven’t had much free time to just sit down and read lately.  If you haven’t already, check out the Real Dogs Cook website!  The Chow Network Book Series consists of 8 (I believe) cookbooks written for dogs, by dogs!  We’ve already introduced Pastry for Poodles, and Barbeque for Bulldogs.  Today I finally had a chance to sit down and read the third book, Spaghetti for Sheepdogs!  For fans of The Chow Network Books, this latest addition doesn’t disappoint! Continue reading

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