It's so crazy to me that tomorrow is already the first day of September!  We've been dealing with pretty hot temperatures here, so I'm hoping the new month brings some cool weather with it.  Speaking of first of the month, have you ever heard of the theory that if you say the words "rabbit, rabbit", or some form thereof, that you'll have good luck all month long?  ...continue reading Rabbit, Rabbit!

66003I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far!  I took a couple of days off from blogging because my fiance and I randomly decided to completely rearrange part of our apartment.  We're slowly finding new spots for everything and luckily Kitsune has been a real trooper through it all (the other pets are in a room not affected by the changes).  Speaking of Kitsune - earlier this month he received his August Pet Gift Box.  Read on to see what was in it! ...continue reading August 2015 Pet Gift Box Review


WordlessImageI've been trying to spend a bit more time with the bunnies.  Yesterday I was sitting on the floor with them and got a few new pictures, mostly of Poppet.  I tried to get some of Barnaby too but he wasn't really interested in hanging out with me.  Typical Barnaby! ...continue reading Poppet Update


66Risky Dishes for Rescue Dogs is the last book in the Real Dogs Cook book series!  I was both excited, and a bit sad, when I received this book in the mail.  Excited because I've loved reading each of the previous 7 books in this series, but sad because I knew this was the last one.  Risky Dishes for Rescue Dogs features 'recipes' by Howie "Homeboy" MacScruff, a rescue dog with a taste for risky, mismashed meals. ...continue reading Book Review: Risky Dishes for Rescue Dogs


66This post is sponsored by petMD® Reptile Center, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Reptile Ownership, but Paw Print Pet Blog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. petMD and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

This is going to be my last post for my summer reptile series.  But have no fear, I'll (of course) continue posting about reptiles, my reptiles especially, regularly just like I've always done.  This summer I've already posted a general introduction to reptile care, then a more in dept look at the care needs of Leopard Geckos.  Today I want to do something different, and write a bit about my experiences keeping reptiles as pets. ...continue reading Proper #ReptileCare Makes Keeping Reptiles Fun


WordlessImageI was recently tagged by the lovely Anne from Whiskers to Paws to take part in the 8 photos of happiness tag.  Started on Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet, the idea is to share 8 pictures that represent happiness.  Hopefully the pictures I selected make you smile, I know I had a lot of fun looking through all my old photos. ...continue reading 8 Photos of Happiness


66Happy Monday everyone!  I'm so sorry I only got one post out last week.  I normally like to post more often, but last week was a bit hectic for me.  I won't get into it here since it wasn't pet related at all (all my critters are doing well!) but suffice to say that life got in the way of blogging for a majority of the week last week.  To make it up to you all, today I'm announcing a giveaway! ...continue reading August Dog Treat/Toy Giveaway!


66I'm an all natural sort of gal.  Yup, one of 'those people'.  I clean my house almost exclusively with natural, sometimes homemade, products.  I'm very picky about what ingredients I'll use on and around my family and home.  Usually this presents no problems.  I feel more comfortable using products that work, yet are healthier for my family.  However, it can be a frustrating experience when natural remedies let you down. ...continue reading I Had to Use a Chemical Flea Treatment on my Dog

66As much as I'm looking forward to the fall (I'm really more of a cold weather creature), it's just crazy that today is the last day of July already!  I hope that everyone is having a fun summer.  This month has been pretty busy for me - I've been working a lot plus have had a ton of reviews to post about here. I feel bad that our July Pet Gift Box review got pushed all the way to the last day of the month, but at least it's still July right? ...continue reading July 2015 Pet Gift Box Review