6615I recently came across an article that was published around Valentine's Day last year.  It highlighted the results of a survey about Valentine's Day spending in America.  Of course, the part that interested me most was about pets!  According to the 2015 survey, one in five people involve their pets in their Valentine's Day plans - normally involving their furry friends by purchasing them small gifts. ...continue reading February Pooch Perks Review


Our first Fenrir pupdate of 2016!  It's been awhile since I've updated the Fenrir diaries.  When I started this series I actually wanted to update a lot more frequently, but, as it often does, life got in the way.  If you want to check out any of the prior installments of the FenFen chronicles you can click here.  I'm going to try to update these more often going forward. ...continue reading Fenrir Pupdate 4


WordlessImageWinter storm Jonas dumped 27, almost 28, inches of snow on us between last Friday night and Saturday!  Talk about a winter wonderland.  I really like the snow, so while a lot of people complain about it, I was having fun.  As much as I enjoy a good blizzard, Fenrir loved it even more! ...continue reading My Little Snow Dog

ppppBack in April of 2014, I posted a review of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete vacuum.  I don't often post re-reviews of products, but I recently had a reader email me to ask how my vacuum has held up.  I figured that if one person was interested in an update, others might be as well.  When I posted my original review I had only been using the vacuum for just over a month.  Read on if you'd like an update on my experiences with our Dyson animal vac! ...continue reading Re-Review of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Vacuum

66I have to be honest - although I grew up with two football fanatics, I've never been all that interested in the sport.  I'll usually put the super bowl on, but even then it's more to catch the commercials.  Animal Planet's puppy bowl is much more my speed!  Despite this, we loved our January Tail-Gate Party themed Pet Gift Box! ...continue reading January Pet Gift Box Review


WordlessImageThis week was the first time since last winter that we've had to put our heat on.  Most of our winter so far has been unusually warm.  I enjoy the cold, and am fond of the snow especially when it comes in time for the winter holidays.  After how warm most of our winter has been, I was beginning to think we weren't going to get any snow at all this season.  I was especially sad about it this year because I really wanted to see how my little pocket wolf, Fenrir, would react to it. ...continue reading Fenrir’s First Snow

66The dynamics of my pet pack are very interesting at the moment.  On one end of the spectrum I have Fenrir, my 5 month old puppy.  He's playful, hyper, and still has a lot to learn about the world around him.  Although he's starting to be a bit more independent now, he's still very much a needy puppy.  He needs frequent bathroom breaks, and plenty of mental and physical exercise each day to keep him happy and out of trouble.  ...continue reading Playful Puppies, Senior Bunnies, and Everything in Between


Any month can be a good time to adopt a new friend, as long as you are prepared to take on their care.  January is Adopt a Rescued Birth Month - a great time for spreading awareness about homeless pet birds waiting for new homes.  It's not only cats and dogs who find themselves needing rescue! ...continue reading Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet Bird