Wordless Wednesday: Happy Fall!


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Basic Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

1901204_10203160231748235_1181328650_nGeneral Information:

Leopard geckos, (Eublepharis macularius), are small, nocturnal, desert dwelling lizards that originated from the Middle East.   Adults are generally between 7 to 10 inches in length, and weigh between 50 to 100 grams.  Leopard geckos (leos) have an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, though some have been known to live well into their 20’s.  Their ease of care, readiness to breed in captivity, and placid nature has led them to become one of the most commonly kept pet reptiles. Continue reading

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In Loving Memory of Haku (7/17/2008 – 9/24/2014)


I’m posting with a very heavy heart today.  Haku, my male snow blizzard het. diablo blanco leopard gecko, passed away yesterday morning.  For anyone who hasn’t been following his story, he started going downhill back in June.  I don’t really want to get into the details of his condition in this post, but if you search my blog or just scroll through the posts I’ve made since June (2014) you can read about his struggles.  I’d rather focus on his life than his death now, but I will say that he did pass peacefully.  He was an awesome little lizard and will be missed.  Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Kitsune’s New Blanket!


111**Not so wordless** It’s not all that often that I’m on the receiving end of a giveaway.  But I guess everyone gets lucky every once in awhile right?  The other week Kitsune and I were very happy to win fellow pet blogger TXpups’ Coccolino pet bed giveaway!  We got to select an item from the Coccolino Creations Etsy store.   Check out the store if you get a chance, they sell some really adorable stuff, mostly pet beds and blankets.  Kit has quite a few beds already, and almost always prefers just to sleep in our bed, but a dog can never have too many blankets!  We selected a really cute pet blanket for our prize and, as you can see, Kitsune has been loving it.  Continue reading

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Zeus, The World’s Tallest Dog, Dies Of Old Age At 5

Photo by Guinness World Records 2013 Book, Kevin Scott Ramos

Photo by Guinness World Records 2013 Book, Kevin Scott Ramos

Standing a whopping 44 inches tall at the shoulder, Zeus the Great Dane’s size is his claim to fame.  The massive pooch measures in at 7 feet, 4 inches tall when standing on his hind legs.  He weighed in at 165 lbs and went through a 30 lb bag of dog food every two weeks.

Unfortunately Zeus’ impressive size may have been a contributing factor to his early demise.   Zeus, who would have turned 6 this November, died last week.  His owners have stated that his death was due to symptoms of old age. Continue reading

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The Sounds of Kitsune!


The other day I realized that out of all the videos I’ve taken of Kitsune over the years, I’ve never posted one of him barking.  So here you have it, a short video of the sounds of Kitsune! Continue reading

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Flea Facts: How to Tell if Your Pet has Fleas #Seresto


Image via http://www.rowevetgroup.com

Image via http://www.rowevetgroup.com

I’ve been posting quite a bit this summer about the fleas and ticks – including some general facts about the buggy pests as well as a more in depth look at their life cycles.  Most pet owners with fuzzy pets, cats and dogs especially, know at least something about fleas – even if that something is, unfortunately, how annoying fleas can be to our pets, or how hard they can be to get rid of once your home is infested.

Not everyone knows exactly how to detect the presence of fleas in their home and on their pet(s).  Learning some of the early signs can save you and your furry friend a lot of discomfort and frustration.  The sooner you detect that your pet is being bugged by fleas, the sooner you can do something about it!    Continue reading

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Posh Pet Box Review & Promotion Code

1Kitsune is one lucky pup!  He always gets so excited when we get mail, probably because 86% of the time it’s for him!  As you may be able to tell from the picture, last week we had the opportunity to try out a Posh Pet Box.  You know we love pet subscription boxes here at Paw Print, and we’ve gotten to review more than a few types of boxes over the years.  So what makes Posh Pet Box special, and what did Kitsune think of his?  Read more to find out!   Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 9/3/2014 – Kitsune on the rocks!


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Introducing Paw Print Pet Forums!

site_logoHey everyone!  Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA and haven’t posted anything new for the past week.  Don’t worry, I have a good reason!  I’ve been working hard on our new forums, Paw Print Pet ForumsContinue reading

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