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List of Subscription Boxes for Pets

April 10, 2021

Monthly subscription boxes can be a fun, unique way to spoil your pet!  Over the years, my dogs and I have reviewed quite a few different pet boxes.  Since this list continues to be one of our most popular blog posts, I regularly edit it to included any new pet subscription boxes we come across, and to remove ones that are no longer available.

** Post last updated 1/19/2022 **

When I originally posted this list, it was rather short.  Its grown a lot over the years!  If you know of any pet subscription box services that I neglected to add to my list, please feel free to comment below!  I’ve organized the list into categories based on what types of pets they are for, to make it easier to find boxes for each particular type of pet

Boxes for Dog

  • Pooch Perks:  Pooch packages start as low as $21.15 per box and include high quality toys and treats.  The treats, and many of the toys, are made in the USA.
  • Bully Bundles: A bit different then your average dog subscription box, Bully Bundles sends your dog monthly bundles of long lasting, high quality bully sticks!  Choose between 6” and 12” bully sticks – pricing ranged from $18 to $132 per month.
  • BarkBox: BarkBox was the first pet subscription box we ever heard about!  We actually had a subscription with them for about 8 months.   Pricing is as low as $23 a month (if you purchase a 6 month subscription).
  • PupBox:  This is a monthly development box for your puppy.  As your puppy grows, the products included in each month’s box will change.
  • PupJoy: This box has single or multi dog options that include hand selected items such as treats, and toys personalized for your dog’s size.
  • The Dapper Dog Box: Treats, toys, and bandanas for your best furry friend in every box.
  • TreatLuv: A monthly surprise box containing 5 – 7 natural treats each month.
  • Wigglebutt box: Boxes contain treats, chews, food, and toys.
  • Daisy-Care: Options such as an annual holiday box, a treat box, or a toy box.
  • Wigglebutt Box: Boxes are tailored to dogs size.  Treats are high quality and sourced from the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Gnaw Box: Boxes for small or medium/large dogs contain Nature Gnaws chews and treats.
  • Pup Mom Crate: Spoil your dog and yourself for $39.99 per month.
  • Willie & Roo: The health, wellness, and fun box for dogs!
  • Real Dog Box: The freshest dog treats on the planet!  Treat and chew boxes available.
  • Get Wagging Collar Box: Starting at just $20 a month, new collars can be sent monthly or quarterly.
  • Dog Mom Box:  The sub box for dogs and their moms!
  • Kong Box: What dog guardian isn’t familiar with Kong?  They have a sub box now too!

Boxes for Cats

  • Meowbox:  Meowbox is a goodie box for cats that contains fun toys, and high quality treats sourced from the US and Canada.  Picky kitties can opt to receive boxes that contain extra toys in place of treats.
  • KitNipBox:  KitNipBox is a subscription box created especially for cats!  Prices range from $19.99 to $29 per month.   These boxes include awesome cat products such as toys, healthy treats, and health and hygiene products.
  • Cat Lady Box: A monthly box not only for cats, but for the ladies who love them too!
  • Purrfect Packs: A monthly cat box that contains things like natural treats and toys.
  • Purr Box: Cat boxes that can be ordered as a monthly subscription or one time.
  • Cattitude Box: Sub boxes for cat ladies!

Boxes for Both Dogs and/or Cats

  • Rescue Box: Spoil your pet while helping animals in need!
  • Vet Pet Box: Boxes for dogs or cats full of goodies hand selected by veterinarians.
  • Jadey’s JuJu: Ethically sourced pet treats, products, supplements, and other goodies.  Boxes available for dogs, cats, or horses.
  • Pet Treater:  Want monthly treats, toys, and supplies for your dog or cat?  Pricing starts as low as $15 per month.
  • Chewy Goodie Boxes: The ever popular Chewy offers goodie boxes for dogs of various sizes, as well as cats.

Boxes for Other Pets

  • Squawk Box: A monthly box of 4 to 6 goodies for birds.
  • Feathered Fun Box: Monthly boxes for small or large birds.
  • Polly Wanna Bird Box: A busy bird is a happy bird – treat your flock to a box of goodies monthly.
  • Henny+Roo: A box for backyard chicken keepers!
  • Rat Pack: Monthly goodies for rats or guinea pigs.
  • Bunny Box: Based in the UK.  A box for bunnies!
  • BinxBox: A monthly sub box for bunnies, guinea pigs, and more.
  • Happy Bunny Club: A monthly box of toys, treats, and guaranteed bunny fun!
  • Dook Box: A sub box for ferrets.
  • Hamster Mail: Another hamster box!
  • Pocket Pet Pouch: A sub box ideal for hedgehogs and other small pets.
  • Hermie’s Kitchen: Homemade treat subscription boxes available for not only dogs and cats, but hedgehogs, hermit crabs, and rats as well!
  • PETure Perfect: A box of goodies, personalized with your pet’s picture!  The boxes are listed on the site as being for cats or dogs.  However, the company will accommodate for any type of pet!

Whew that’s a long list!  Did we forget one?  Have you tried any of the pet subscription boxes listed above?  Is there one in particular you’d like to see us review?  Comment below and let us know!

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