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List of Subscription Boxes for Pets

1Monthly subscription boxes for pets are becoming very popular for pet owners looking for a fun way to spoil their pets!

** Post last updated September 20th, 2016 **

Kitsune and I have been reviewing different pet boxes since around 2012!  Since this list continues to be one of the most popular posts on my blog, I regularly edit it to include any new pet subscription boxes we learn about, or to remove ones that are no longer available.

When I originally posted this list, it was rather short.  It's grown significantly over the years.  If you know of any pet subscription box services that I neglected to add to my list, please feel free to comment below!  I've organized the list into categories based on what types of pets they are for, to make it easier to find boxes for each particular type of pet.  Boxes listed at the top of each category are ones that we've had the opportunity to review ourselves!

Boxes for Dogs

Pet Treater:  Want monthly treats, toys, and supplies for your pup?  Maybe even a little treat for yourself as well?  Check out Pet Treater!  These dog boxes start as low as $19.99 per month and Pet Treater's Pet Partners Program helps to raise awareness for animals awaiting new homes in shelters. Check out our Pet Treater reviews!

Pooch Perks:  Pooch packages start as low as $20 per box and include high quality toys and treats.  Treats are made in the USA and many of the toys are as well.  We regularly review Pooch Perks boxes, you can check out our reviews by clicking here.

Bully Bundles: A bit different then your average dog subscription box, Bully Bundles sends your dog monthly bundles of long lasting, high quality bully sticks!  Choose between 6'' and 12'' bully sticks - pricing ranged from $16 to $105 per month.  Click here to read our May 2016 Bully Bundles review!

PawPals with Annie:  Annie is a Scottie, and every month she'll send your pup a box of her selected toys, treats, and goodies.  We reviewed a PawPals with Annie box in July 2015, click here to see what we thought!

Pooch Party Packs:  Get your pup's party started with a Pooch Party Pack!  Boxes come in three sizes and cost $34.99, but you also get a discount if you sign up for either a 3 or 6 month subscription.  We had the opportunity to review April 2015's Pooch Party Pack, click here to see what we thought!

BarkBox: BarkBox was the first pet subscription box we ever heard about!  We actually had a subscription with them for about 8 months, and wrote many BarkBox reviews.  Pricing is as low as $19 a month (if you purchase a 6 month subscription), and BarkBox donates 10% of proceeds to rescue.

Box Furr You: This dog box comes in 3 sizes and include 4 - 5 items each.

Dog.Com Doggie Box: The popular offers a monthly box of goodies for your dog.

Freddie's Finds: Let Freddie find your dog monthly goodies!  Uniquely includes "special finds" boxes - boxes with specific themes such as for your dog's birthday, Halloween, etc.

Surprise My Pet:  Boxes tailored for four dog sizes, from tiny (under 10 lbs) to large (50 + lbs).

Toys4Tails:  Boxes cost as low as just $8.95 plus shipping per month, and include toys and treats in 4 categories (chew & tug, fetch, splash, and treat).

PupBox:  This is a monthly development box for your puppy.  As your puppy grows, the products included in each month's box will change.

PupJoy: This box has single or multi dog options that include hand selected items such as treats, and toys personalized for your dog's size.

Fetch: Fetch helps your pup live a healthy life by sending a monthly selection of natural dog treats.  Treats sent contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

Happy Hound Club: Keep your hound happy with boxes packed full of toys, treats, and accessories.  10% of all proceeds are donated to charity.

Boxes for Cats

Meowbox:  Meowbox is a goodie box for cats that contains fun toys, and high quality treats sourced from the US and Canada.  Picky kitties can opt to receive boxes that contain extra toys in place of treats.  Each box is adorably hand personalized with your kitty's name and for every meowbox you purchase a can of food is donated to a shelter!  Prices start at $32.95 per month, but you do get a discount if you sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription.  Use the code PAWPRINT10 to get a 10% discount off your first subscription!

KitNipBox:  We hosted a KitNipBox giveaway back in October 2014, you can go back and read about it here.  KitNipBox is a subscription box created especially for cats!  Prices range from $9 to $29 per month.   These boxes include awesome cat products such as toys, healthy treats, and health and hygiene products.

Purrfect Box:  This cat box is actually based out of the UK.  If your in the UK and want to try this box out, you can get your first box free!  You just need to pay for the cost of shipping.

Purr-Packs:  Toys, treats, and treasures delivered for your cat.

Boxes for Both Dogs and/or Cats

Pet Gift Box:  We've been posting regular reviews of Pet Gift Box dog boxes, you can check them out by clicking here!  Pet Gift Box also caters to cats!  It's only $17.99 per month, which is an amazing deal considering the first dog box we reviewed had a retail value of almost $60!

Fur Indulgence:  The O-Fur Buddies treat club costs just $10 a month.  It looks like it might be a smaller subscription that sends a monthly "pick of the month' treat.

Boxes for Other Pets

Cuddle Crate: Cuddle Crate is a revamp of what used to be known as Pet Pakz.  Despite the name change, they still offer goodies for 4 different dog size groups, cats, gerbils/hamsters, or rabbits/guinea pigs!  Cuddle Crate offers 3 different membership sizes, grain free treat options, and the ability to receive goodies for multiple types of animals all in one box.  We had the opportunity to review a Pet Pak(before their name changed) in July of 2015, which you can read here.

A Horse Box: High quality horse products delivered monthly!  Subscriptions start as low as $17 (plus shipping) a month.

Bunny's Furr and Feathers Funpacks:  This box has subscription plans for dogs and cats, but I put it in the other section because it is one of the few I've found that also offers boxes for birds and pocket pets!

My Aquarium Box:  This subscription box lets you select whether you want supplies for a fresh or salt water tank.  Monthly boxes include items such aquarium gadgets or tools, aquarium decor, fish food, and fish medications/supplements.


Whew that's a long list!  Did we forget one?  Have you tried any of the pet subscription boxes listed above?  Comment below and let us know!

  • also, for Cats & Dogs! You pick the items!

    -Peace & Blessings

  • .... I STAND CORRECTED....!

    • Michelle

      Thanks! I added them to the list 🙂

      • Amanda

        PetBox has new pricing plans! They start at $7.95 a month!

  • Theresa

    Doesn't appear Pawalla is in business anymore. I hope to find one that offers a dog/cat combo box because I don't want to shell out money for 2 different ones.

    • Michelle

      Yeah, I just removed Pawalla and one other that I guess went out of business.

      PetBox looks like it has stuff for both dogs and cats, as well as Healthy Pet Advisor, Best Friend Box, and Spoiled Rotten Box. I don't know if they offer combo cat/dog boxes or if they sell each type separately though.

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  • Jean Parrott

    I just received my second Bark Box order and my dogs, 3 Italian Geyhounds and 1 Border Collie, just love getting it. I am really pleased with the toys that they send as the quality is excellent. The toys that they have received so far have lasted and show no sign of wear despite the vigorous play that they have received. Usually, toys that I buy in town only last an hour or two so the Bark Box toys are a real plus! They also love the treats too. Thanks Bark Box!

    • Michelle

      We subscribed to BarkBox for awhile as well and had fun with it 🙂 Glad your dogs are enjoying it too!

  • Gabi

    This list is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

    • Michelle

      You're very welcome! 🙂

  • Just got my first box today and honestly, for an 11 year old cat who still has some kitten in her heart, everything was a success! She loves the mice that came in catnip, so her kitten can come out and the treats, as weird as one of them was, were all tried and devoured within seconds. Cannot wait for next month's surprise!

    • Michelle

      Glad you and your cat are enjoying the goodies! 🙂

  • Jessica P.

    We've been getting BarkBox for over a year now and my dog absolutely loves it!!

    Very high quality stuff. The treats are typically organic and grain free, the toys are all good quality and the customer support is top-notch if you ever need it.

    I'd highly recommend BarkBox!

    • Glad your dog enjoys BarkBox! We enjoyed it while we got it as well. I think eventually I'd like to try out some of the other options, just to see how they compare.

      • john

        try Surprise My Pet!

  • brianna

    my dogs didnt like barkbox.

    • Aw I'm sorry they didn't like it. Do you think you'll try out any of the other pet subscription boxes?

    • Ria

      Why didn't they like barkbox?

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  • Chad

    By far the best value is the monthly dog box @ $19.99 (no multi-month subscription required). They already sell pet stuff at 80% off, so you get FAR MORE every month than barkbox etc.

  • Kellie

    FYI I'm afraid Bugsy's Box went out of business. I prepaid 6 months and have only received two. They are no longer responding to emails, the phone number is not good, and the website won't let you log on. Such a shame. I liked the boxes I did receive. I'll be filing a complaint with my cc company in the morning.

    • Yeah I just tried to access their site and wasn't able to. I'll update my post. I hope you are able to get things settled with them and hopefully get your money back. That's horrible if they went out of business and didn't issue refunds for boxes that people prepaid for.

    • karen

      I am having the same trouble and I prepaid for three months, i only received one box. Still trying to get my money back .

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  • Jake

    I see petgiftbox is not on here. That's a shame as it is actually my favorite out of all these.

    • They'll be on here shortly. I'm actually working on a review for them right now. 🙂

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  • Aurora

    Pet Gift Box is the way to go. You get more for your money. I started ordering Bark Box because I realized I was spending a lot on toys and treats at the pet store. Bark Box was ok. But I didn't favor the treats in it for my Basset Hound. They sent a beef trachea 2 months in a row. They were just too fragile for a large breed dog. She tore into it immediately and I was afraid she would choke on the huge piece she was trying to swallow. So then the next month when they sent the same thing, I was pretty disappointed. And in the second box she got a rabbit chew. Paper thin piece of "meat"? So I cancelled BarkBox and ordered Pet Gift Box instead. Perfect! They really cater to your dog's size. No more wimpy treats for my baby. And it's cheaper!

  • Castle Smith

    Thank you for the information, very helpful...

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  • Tina Marie Mastre Hannaford

    Take a look at Pooch Paw Box™ we're
    based in Phoenix Arizona and all products are AMERICAN made toys and treats. An up and coming wooftastic company.

  • Tina Marie Mastre Hannaford
  • jim hamilton
    ^$5 off pet gift box!!!!

    I recently saw the link for $5 off and figured why not, my pup deserves it!!! haha and it was awesome, Benjamin the black lab gets it every month and loves it! He gets so excited to get the mail every month and when he sees the box he knows what it is... lots of treats and toys to keep him happy, happy, happy!

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  • Ana

    Check out! We carefully curate good-for-pooch treats and toys that are healthy,
    safe, and of the highest quality. Our treats are Made in the USA with
    natural ingredients for human grade consumption. Our toys are held to
    the same rigorous standard as children’s toys.

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  • Jason

    a new one out there is it is simple, straightforward, and $10/ month to kick off the monthly subscription launch. Monthly treat delivery simplified!!

  • krystal cain

    what about

    • This one is new to me, I'll have to check it out.

      • CatLadyBox

        Yay! Thanks, Krystal! And hi, Michelle! Yes, we're relatively new. 🙂 CatLadyBox is the first-ever monthly subscription box for cat ladies! We send things for both people and their kitties!

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  • Jerrie Wolfe

    There is one for aquariums too.

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  • Lauren

    Are there any monthly subscription pet boxes for BOTH a cat and a dog in one box? I couldn't get a box for one animal and not the other!

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  • john

    I would love to have our box added to your list! Please email me at and lets discuss.


  • Jessica DiGregorio

    We offer a box for cats too! And it's only 9.99 this month! or contact me for info!

  • Victor Dan

    I get Pet Treater for Wally my lab, and every month the box a hit. Highly recommended

  • The king

    My Aquarium Box is awesome for fish keepers.

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  • happyhoundclub

    You should check us out at! It's a subscription box for dogs & we only charge per month instead of a huge chunk of change up front. We are still pretty new :p

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  • Hey just thought I would leave a comment letting you know that I set up a new discovery dog treat subscription box called Fetch shipping to European countries.

    We ship 4 all natural treats every month to you and your dog for €24.99 / month 🙂

    Feel free to get in contact with me about anything or if you want to have a chat.

    - Barry

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  • Kerrie Fitzgerald

    The Dapper Dog Box is by far the best box for dogs. They offer organic and grain free treats, and super durable toys

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  • Sherry K Prindle

    my friends and i would like to order a reptibox subscription but it wont open , Why ? i must have one

    • I just checked and the page won't open for me either. Maybe they went out of business, I'm not sure. Thanks for the heads up, I'll remove them from my list.

  • I really like Prized Pet's treat box. It's just $14.99/month and always has all natural and healthy treats. I know my dogs have WAYYY too many toys right now so I thought getting a box with just treats was a good alterantive.


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