50 Unique Name Ideas (with Meanings) for Female Papillons

September 10, 2022

Yesterday I posted my list of 50 Unique Name Ideas (with Meanings) for Male Papillons.  You didn’t think I was going to leave out the girls did you!?  I currently have two dogs, Kitsune the papillon and Fenrir the Alaskan klee kai, both of whom are boys.  I’ve never had the pleasure of actually being able to name a female dog of my own.  Maybe someday!  Until then, I’d love you help you, if you’re trying to think of a name for a new female papillon member of your pack!

Butterfly/Moth Themed Name Ideas for Your Female Papillon

name female papillon

Papillon is French for butterfly, after all.  Papillons were named after butterflies because of their large, frilly ears.  The drop eared version of a papillon is called a phalene, which is French for moth.  Phalenes and papillons are actually the same breed of dog, despite the differences in their ears.  What better name for your little butterfly/moth dog than one that nods towards their regal breed name?

  1. Adelpha – This Greek name means “beloved sister”, and is a genus of butterflies.
  2. Bindi – Bindi in the language Noongar of western Australia means “butterfly”.
  3. Chouka – This name means “butterfly” or “flower” in Japanese.
  4. CamillaLimenitis camilla is a type of butterfly commonly known as the white admiral.
  5. Emilia – This name means “butterfly” in Greek.
  6. Farasha – This name is Arabic, and means “butterfly”.
  7. Fafelina – This is an Italian name meaning “butterfly”.
  8.  Kimimela – This is a Native American name meaning “butterfly”.
  9.  Lina – This name means “butterfly” in Arabic.
  10. Yara – Yara means “small butterfly” in Arabic.
  11. Cynthia – This name also refers to a group of butterflies.
  12. GretaGreta Oto is a species of butterfly.
  13. JosephiaGanyra Josephina is a species of butterfly.
  14. OlympiaOlympia marble is a type of butterfly.
  15. Sylvia – This name is Latin and means “woods”, it is also the name of a butterfly.
  16. Tullia – This is the name of an Australian butterfly.
  17. Mariposa – (Posie for short) This is the Spanish word for butterfly.
  18. Vanessa – This name that means “butterfly”.
  19. Lady – After the painted lady butterflies.
  20. Luna – After the luna moth.
  21. Isabella – After the isabella tiger moth.
  22. Ruby – After the ruby tiger moth.
  23. Bella – After the bella moth.
  24. Holly – After the holly blue butterfly.
  25. Meadow – After the meadow brown butterfly.

Other Name Ideas for Your Female Papillon

None of the moth/butterfly themed names doing it for you?  Here’s some other name ideas that might be fitting for your female papillon.

  1. Mai – Means “beloved/darling”.
  2. Cora – Means “just/honorable”.
  3. Wren – A type of small bird.
  4. Piper – Means “feisty but floaty”.
  5. Clea – Means “to praise”.
  6. Melody – A song.
  7. Fern – A type of plant.
  8. Raya – Means “friend”.
  9. Teagan – Means “beautiful/perfect”.
  10. Tallulah – Means “leaping water”.
  11. Ayden – Means “fire”.
  12. Lily – A type of flower.
  13. Willow – A type of tree.
  14. Kinsley – Means “king’s meadow”.
  15. Zoey – Means “life”.
  16. Summer – The season.
  17. Alora – Means “dream” or “dreamer”.
  18. Arwen – Means “noble maiden” in Welsh.
  19. Clover – A type of plant.
  20. Echo – Means “sound returned”, and also refers to a mountain nymph in Greek mythology.
  21. Fable – Means “to talk” or “legend”.
  22. Katana – A type of Japanese sword.
  23. Kiko – Means “brave one”.
  24. Rowan – Means “little redhead”.
  25. Sonnet – Means “little song”.

Do any of these names seem fitting for your papillon?  If anyone uses any of them, you’ll have to comment below and let me know!

name female papillon

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