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Preserving Puppy Teeth

ppppIn the scheme of things, your dog's puppy hood is fleeting.  It's crazy to me that my first puppy, Kitsune, is already 7 years old.  Fenrir is only 9 months old, actually still a puppy, but I often find myself wondering where the last 7 months have gone.  Teething is a rite of passage all puppies must go through.  I fully admit to being a bit sentimental when it comes to my dogs.  I saved puppy teeth from both my dogs.

I actually only found one of Kit's puppy teeth when he was teething - a canine tooth.  Most puppy teeth end up either being swallowed by your dog, or lost in your dog's environment.  I was lucky to be able to save four of Fen's teeth, two molars, an incisor, and a canine tooth, all of which Fen trotted over and spit out at my feet.

But what do you do with puppy teeth once you find them?

Most people probably just throw them out, or tuck them away somewhere safe, in a jewelry or memory box perhaps, as an oddity to look at every now and then.  I did something a bit different.  I have a shadow box where I display paw and nose molds that I took from Kit.  I wanted to include his puppy teeth, but in a way that would also keep the teeth from getting lost since they are so small.  This is what I came up with...


The little bottle on the top/middle holds Kit's puppy tooth.  I also included some little red beads and his name written on a piece of rice.  Before sealing the bottle, I filled it with mineral oil.  The clear oil helps to magnify the stuff inside the bottle, and it protects the fragile tooth from hitting the side of the bottle too hard if the display is jarred.

Fenrir finished teething a couple of months ago.  I liked what I did with Kit's tooth so much that I decided to do the same with Fen's.

ttttttttttttttttIf you are interested in preserving your puppy's teeth the same way, here's what you will need:

  1. Super Glue: Used to seal your bottle.  This isn't necessary, but I use it for added security.  I like this brand, but any type of glue should work.
  2. Mineral Oil: Any brand is fine, as long as it's clear.  I just bought this at our local pharmacy.  You only need a small amount.  Other clear oils, such as baby oil, may work too, but I only have personal experience using mineral oil.
  3. Glass Bottle: What bottle you use is up to you.  I prefer small  bottles since the puppy teeth I'm putting inside are small.  They'd look lost inside a big bottle!  You should be able to buy tiny glass bottles at your local craft store.  They are usually sold for creating crafts/jewelry.  I got mine off Amazon.  Online they are often sold in bulk, but even so usually aren't very expensive.
  4. Additional Items: You don't need to add anything extra, but I like too.  I added Fen's name written on a piece of rice, and some tiny decorative glitter pieces.
  5. Puppy Teeth: Don't forget these!

Once you have all your supplies the rest is easy!  Make sure your teeth are clean and dry, then put them and any addition items you want inside the bottle. Next add the mineral oil.  Don't worry if you get oil on the outside of the bottle.  It can be hard to pour stuff into those tiny bottles, plus you can just clean it up when you're done.  If you'd like, put a small amount of super glue around the outside of your bottle's cork, then cork up your bottle.

That's it!  Now you have an adorable keepsake that will help you always remember the days when your puppy was sinking those little needle like baby teeth into your hands and feet!


If anyone tries this for themselves I'd love to hear how it went!  Better yet, head on over to our Facebook page and share a picture of your puppy tooth creation!

  • jana rade

    I still have Jasmine's saved some place 🙂

    • I felt weird at first for saving them, but I've talked to quite a few other pet owners who said they saved their puppy's teeth too. I guess it's more normal than I originally thought!

  • Nichole

    What a great idea! We saved Penny's puppy teeth so I just might do this!

    • It's very easy to do and I think comes out looking cute. Plus it's a good way to make sure you don't loose those tiny little teeth.

  • Miss Harper aLee

    So clever. We only found a few of Harper Lee's baby teeth, but we managed to collect almost all of Tallulah's before thinking "What do we do with these?" and throwing them away. Nice to have this tip for the next puppy that comes into our lives.

    • That's awesome that you found most of Tallulah's! I was happy that I got to keep 4 of Fen's, especially after only finding 1 from Kit.

  • Chloe Kardoggian

    interesting craft! thanks for sharing!!

  • what an interesting idea 🙂

  • Very interesting. We rescued our pup when he was at least a year old, so I never saw any puppy teeth. But something to consider if we ever adopt a puppy!

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    I don't have any of Mr. N's puppy teeth. Maybe I'll ask for the next tooth he needs extracted lol.

  • PawesomeCats

    An interesting momento of puppyhood.

  • How fun! I have a couple of my dog's teeth in a shadow box. LOL!

    • Shadow boxes are awesome for displaying pet memories! I need to get a few more sometime soon. I'm lucky my fiance loves the dogs just as much as I do, so he doesn't mind all the pictures/etc I have of them displayed around the house.

  • That is such a neat idea! I will have to do this the next time I get a puppy! Zoe and Phee came to me as adults so I didn't get to keep their puppy teeth!

    • It's something you miss out on if you don't get your dogs as puppies I know but, then again, you also get to miss out on all the trouble they get into with those needle sharp puppy teeth!

  • Erin Amanda

    This is super cute! You could wrap a bit of wire around the neck of the bottle and hand it from a chain to make a necklace!

    • The wire is a good idea! I was trying to think of a way to hang it so that I can hang it inside a shadow box like I did with Kit's.

  • Oh! That's just a great idea!! I love it! I keep my dog's teeth as well!! Love x

  • missmollysays

    Oh, I LOVE this!!! I do have puppy teeth saved in a jewelry box. Your idea has inspired me to give this a try!

  • What a neat keepsake! Thanks for sharing!

  • Bryn Nowell

    That's such a clever idea! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • christycaplan

    I kept Walter's baby teeth and also put them in his baby album that I made on Tiny Prints 🙂

  • Sarcastic Dog

    What a creative and interesting keepsake idea. Never would have thought of that! Thanks for sharing

  • I have no idea what happened to Henry's teeth. I never found any so I guess maybe he swallowed them. I'm glad we weren't expected to yank them like my dad did ours (my brother and sisters and I - so gross).

    • Right? I wouldn't have wanted to yank them from my dogs either! I think most dogs do swallow them, or else they just get lost outside or vacuumed up inside. I was surprised about how small they are - they feel a lot bigger when the puppies are using them to chew on your toes!

  • What a great DIY idea for keeping lost puppy teeth. I never found any of Truffle or Brulee's teeth when they lost them.

  • Kia

    Aw this is such a cute DIY!

  • That is a cute idea! I never found any of Nelly's or Sophie's baby teeth.

  • Talent Hounds

    Since we rescued Kilo, I missed his puppy stage. This is a really cute DIY idea though!

    • Thanks 🙂 I just mentioned on another comment...I bet it would be cute to do something similar with a small lock of fur if you don't have puppy teeth. I might have to try it, since I have extra little bottles anyways.

  • HuskyCrazed

    Oh I am loving this!

  • Love the glass bottle idea!

    • The little glass bottles are so cute! I have to think of more DIY projects to use them for since I bought a bunch in bulk.

  • I have teeth from both my cocker spaniels. I am so going to have to try this because at this time, they are sitting in an envelope.

  • Lindsay, Dog Blogger

    These projects are amazing, such a cool way to preserve those teeth. I'd always save them, but other people in my household would find them gross and make me throw them away, lol. They look so adorable in the little jar, and it really solves the problem of having slimey puppy teeth laying around!

  • Where Pets Are Found

    Oh this is so cute, I've never had a puppy so hadn't thought about it before!

  • This is a really cute idea! I haven't been able to save any kitten teeth from my cats, but I would probably do something like this if I had. Those are the little things that bring back a lot of good memories. 🙂
    -Purrs from your friends at


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